Furniture assembly in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod

Furniture assembly

The furniture company “ART Design Furniture” for a long time is NOT outsourcing personnel, as,,, and other similar companies do, but provides the following services:
- assembly of furniture (kitchens, hallways, walls, bedrooms, office furniture, retail equipment, islands, etc.), installation of built-in appliances, connection of household appliances and equipment (electrics, plumbing, gas);
- Installation of interior sliding doors and compartment doors;
- repair of cabinet furniture;
- repair of sliding wardrobes;
- repair of sliding doors
- replacement of mirrors in sliding wardrobes
- replacement of countertops and aprons.
We do not search for and select the best specialists in the market, as does, who have a tool in their possession that helps them fulfill their duties. We have formed a team of craftsmen since 2000. Over the years, our specialists have gained vast experience in assembling furniture from most manufacturers.
We offer you our services in the field of assembly of any furniture in the following cities:
- Moscow;
- Kstovo;
- Nizhny Novgorod;
- St. Petersburg.
We basically do not increase the geography of cities.
We provide only high-quality services, and in fact there can not be many good specialists. And each of our wagon master.
What do you get by working with us:
- your salon or shop does not have a queue for assembly in the season, which has a beneficial effect on customer reviews about your company;
- we solve on the spot any possible flaws in the furniture, without risking the reputation of your company (we will take the part ourselves and, if necessary, take it to the workshop and fix possible problems);
- Your application will ALWAYS be in priority for assembly, even if there is a tight schedule, we will find a way out of the situation; we will assemble the furniture as quickly as possible (we usually assemble the partner's furniture on the same day, the maximum is the next day);
- since we also provide other repair services, we can be a free source of traffic and customers for you, namely, transmit your advertising products to our customers (for example, in 90% of cases we install sliding doors in apartments where we have not ordered furniture yet, and electrical installation and plumbing work in general are carried out at the rough stage of finishing an apartment, house or office);
- we value the reputation of our partners, and we never speak negatively of them at the customer (there are times when the manufacturer did not send the facade, accessories, we smooth out sharp corners).
Who pays for our services to us?
1. Our services are usually paid by individuals (furniture customers), but often the assembly is already inherent in the cost of furniture.
2. If the assembly of furniture is already included in the price of the furniture, the manufacturer will pay with us, NOT after providing him with a report from us (photo of the furniture, an invoice signed by the customer that the customer does not have any complaints about the quality of the assembly and etc.), and before leaving the wizard to the installation address.
How is payment made?
1. To the current account;
2. On an individual’s card (Sberbank, MTS Bank);
3. In cash from a representative of your company (if any).
We do not work with organizations on a postpaid system, that is, we have provided a service, you checked its quality and only after that you pay. Payment after work done only from private customers. If you have a furniture salon or a store, then you pay for installation services before leaving the master, as in 95% of the purchase of furniture, assembly and installation are already included in the price of the product.
If you are interested in our offer, please contact us using the contacts listed below.
Sincerely, ART Design Furniture
SPb +7 (905) 259-29-08 WhatsApp
Moscow +7 (929) 604-16-50 WhatsApp
Nizhny Novgorod +7 (908) 726-06-64 WhatsApp

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