Whether to issue redevelopment apartment

Remodelling of the apartment

Announced recently the authorities pereplanirovochnaya amnesty did not reduced bureaucratic red tape. Make repairs St Petersburg still have to go to authorities and stand in line to place redevelop the apartment.

Recall the history of the issue. In late 2011, the St. Petersburg government issued a decree, the aim of which was to simplify the procedure of registration of alterations city apartments. These changes are presented as an amnesty for those who have already made repairs to modify the plan without getting permission. But it turned out that the only novelty, the document became the notification procedure for 'minor remodeling "of the apartment.

Explain with an example. If earlier, in order to combine the toilet with bathroom, first needed to get to St. Petersburg zhilinspektsii resolution and then break the barrier, now these provisions simply reversed. Ie First, you can make repairs, and then it is required to legalize. In this procedure of registration of redevelopment apartments remained the same, with the same bureaucratic red tape and left standing multistage and long queues at the BTI and the St. Petersburg zhilinspektsii.

However, now the penalty for non-discharge light alteration in the apartment will not take. But the issue of its officials still require. Therefore, it is multiplied firmochki that offer services to the correct execution of alterations apartments in St. Petersburg. For example, for making this association toilets with bath they take an average of 30 thousand. Rubles.

Now we give useful information, which can be done redevelopment apartment without permission. They are called "minor":

• Remove and install closet.

• Move an electric or gas stove.

• Move closer to the riser battery.

• Install the air conditioner or a satellite dish.

• Glazed and insulate a loggia or a balcony.

• Place the shower instead of a bath.

• In the retaining wall close up openings.

• Demolish no bearing interior walls (if not in the kitchen there is a gas stove).

• Make an opening in the interior walls.

• Combine a bathroom with toilet.

• Put a new partition (no thicker than 10 cm).

• Replace pipes and electrical wiring.

• Put parquet floors and align.

But what works for redevelopment apartments do without first obtaining permission is prohibited:

• If you are laying gas pipes, rearrange stove in the kitchen can not.

• Set in place of the gas appliance.

• In the bathroom to install a bidet.

• Combine a room with a balcony.

• Make an opening in the bearing wall.

• Make a partition made of concrete or brick, of a thickness exceeding 10 cm.

• imbedded or vice versa, to create a new window in the wall or to change shape.

• Make a cement screed or floor heating.

How to draw alterations in the apartments of St. Petersburg after minor alterations? This procedure is, frankly, tedious. To do this you will need:

• Write an application to the BTI for a technical certificate to the apartment.

• Go to the BTI and pick up this data sheet.

• Write a statement to the St. Petersburg zhilinspektsiyu about to make alterations.

• Take in the apartment of the St. Petersburg zhilinspektsii that come with the check. If everything is in order, it gives the act of re-planning done. If your remodeling does not fall into the category of easy repair, you will have a longer its approval.

• The resulting certificate is required to carry the BTI, paying the state fee.

• Wait until the arrival of the employee BTI, which will make the appropriate measurements.

• Again, go to the BTI, stand in line and get a new technical certificate to the apartment.

Now return to the target at the beginning of the question: whether it is necessary to make out alterations to the apartment in St. Petersburg? After all, really such registration might need you in only one case - when you sell your dwelling. And only when the buyer saw to make alterations require her to formalize. Well, if he does not care, then make out nothing.

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