Disposition of the interior of the apartment and repair

We all want to periodically change something in their lives. The first thing that comes to mind - is to change something where we spend most of our lifetime - at home. Over time, the environment is bored and wants to change. But what? You can hang a picture, change the curtains or do a little rearrangement of furniture or order. But will this better and more convenient?

We all want to have an apartment roomier to things that over the years, becoming more and more, do not interfere with movement and not an eyesore (for a lot of things made closet or dressing room). However, not everyone can dare to take the plunge: repairs and alterations to the apartment.

Often planning and moral preparation for repairs take longer than the implementation of ideas. Unless, of course, is not a "perpetual repair" when it comes to live among the half-sticked wallpaper, paint cans and other materials, all of which simply can not wait in the wings.

To avoid this, you need to carefully plan all the action and see the finished picture before the start of work. Besides, it's great simplifies the process much easier to find the right materials, when you know that are looking for. And, you see, is not very convenient to carry furniture, constantly wondering whether this option is more convenient, or should rearrange things differently.

All we have seen tremendous results sought by designers in various TV shows. Then even an ordinary, typical apartment starts to look very different: spacious and modern. A well-chosen colors and minor tweaks to lighting and mirrors on sliding wardrobe will help visually expand the space, and the successful placement of furniture will make life much easier.

These results can be achieved by yourself, or using the services of our construction company. This will help our skilled builders and finishers.

What may be useful to you our articles and tips?

You will be able to consider the design of the apartment to spent effort and money were not in vain.
Learn how to properly position the lighting, place furniture and home furnishings to visually enlarge the space
Lessons on Feng Shui will help to arrange the furniture and bring in your house love, happiness, money and luck

You fill your apartment home comfort and warmth. It will be nice and convenient to rest, relax and enjoy life.

A special program will allow our construction companies to arrange furniture for virtual apartment to pick a favorite color and pattern wallpaper, to determine the lighting. Just a few hours before you the finished version of the interior. Will buy the necessary materials and get to work. And you can hire our specialists. Then you do not have to explain to them on the fingers that you want to see in his apartment.

This cozy apartment attached imperceptible at first glance trivia accessories. Correctly pick them up you will be our interior designers and furniture designers.

If you are interested in Feng Shui, it is prepared for you a whole section on how to equip each room to positive energy going in your apartment, brings happiness, love and money.

As you can see, afraid of repairs in the apartment is not worth it, the main thing to know which side to approach him. Use the services and advice of our experts to plan your interior before the start of work and avoid most errors.

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