What is needed for repairs in an apartment or house

What power tools can be useful in repairing an apartment, home or office

Having started repairs, an experienced decorator or builder is faced with the fact that he always lacks this or that power tool. This is certainly not a big problem, because you can go and buy the right tool in the power tool shop, but at the same time we spend precious time, and most importantly the nerves that are not restored. To avoid this, all tools should be prepared in advance on the basis of upcoming work and preparation for repair. Consider some types of work in the repair and a set of tools and power tools that can be useful for their successful implementation.

For example, if you need to remove old wallpaper or flooring, you will need a spatula, chisel, fur roller, and painting bath. In order to remove both, they should be rolled with a roller moistened with warm water and then wet the wallpaper with a roller and remove it. Old linoleum or carpet removed using a construction knife and a conventional chisel.

The power tool will be indispensable in the overhaul of premises and in cosmetic finishing. For drilling holes in a variety of materials - a drill is useful, although most replace the drill with convenient and powerful screwdrivers, for example Hilti. For wall chipping - a wall chaser is used. The screwdriver as the most demanded power tool in the construction industry, in the furniture industry, in the installation of metal structures, will not be replaceable when screwing and unscrewing screws, wood screws, self-tapping screws. In cases with a brick wall or a wall of foam blocks, a hammer drill easily replaces the hammer drill, with concrete walls, and walls of old brick, it is useless and cannot be compared with a hammer drill. Conventional drills with high power and low speed will fit perfectly for the manufacture of cement mortar. For a drill, you should purchase several drills with different diameters, and with a drill and crowns that can be useful to you.

In the absence of a screwdriver, as a good model is not cheap, nor where not to go without a good old screwdriver. You should purchase two screwdrivers: a large one and a small one with a flat tip, and two screwdrivers: a large one and a small one with a cross tip. Also, not bad wakes get a replacement screwdriver with nozzles. But it is better not to skimp and buy a good screwdriver, which, even after repairs, will always be useful to you. Do not forget to buy a holder for it for bits, and the most common bits for repairing and manufacturing furniture, these are PZ-2 and PH-2. In the future, a screwdriver can be useful to you if you want to make a closet with your own hands.

Without a hammer in the repair in general or how not to do. He will be able to help with complex joinery robots as well as with elementary driving in nails and other elements.

To process wooden or metal materials, you need a grinder or files of different sections, and to cut something we use parquet, jigsaw, a grinder or a regular hacksaw.

For sharpening tools, a grinding machine is needed, even if it is simple and inexpensive, which is useful in everyday life for sharpening knives. To tighten the screws in the plumbing, you must purchase a pair of wrenches. Useful in the repair of the same pliers. We use brushes and rollers for painting works.

In order for the plastering work to be done in accordance with the first category, it was absolutely necessary to use the rule and the laser level, which have recently become irreplaceable not only by professional builders and finishers, but also by ordinary people who have decided to make their own repairs in their home. The laser level is usually used when leveling walls, screeding floors, laying flooring, marking stretch ceilings, installing furniture, etc.

Having figured out what work you will be doing in repairing your home, you will be able to determine exactly what tool kit is needed and begin your repair without much fuss and loss of time. Do not save on power tools, it is always useful for you in life.
Renovation of apartments

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The company site "MAKE-REPAIR-SPB.RF" guarantees customers prompt and accurate repair of the apartment, as well as the creation of an exclusive design project. For many years of successful work, we have become popular in the construction market of Leningrad, and now in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The reputation of a reliable partner is annually confirmed by dozens of successfully implemented projects.

If we compare the complex arrangement of premises with partial repairs and furnishing of apartments, we can note a number of advantages. High results are achieved thanks to the personal responsibility of one repair and construction organization.

The customer approves the list of works on repairing the apartment and ordering furniture, he will not have to take part in the preparation of the premises, the supply of materials, and will only have to follow the course of events and enter the finished housing with the finished kitchen, hallway, wardrobes, etc.

Repair of offices
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Modern and timely repair of offices - complex solutions from the company site "MAKE-REPAIR-SPB.RF" Entrepreneurs who want to carry out repair work in the office turnkey, can contact our company. We will complete the task professionally, within an acceptable time and at a reasonable price. Contact us if you want to get high-quality repair offices. St. Petersburg will be satisfied!
Tattered wallpapers and plastering on the heads are not conducive to the comfort of office staff. But with the help of our tilers, painters, plasterers, electricians and plumbers, you can get in a few days (or weeks, if the office is very large) a completely new, cozy room, emphasizing the respectability of the organization.
• To understand what kind of work your office space needs, our experienced specialists will help. Repairing the office will not be a problem for you, because we take care of all the worries to make your wishes come true.
Types of office repair
Every office, like a person, is completely individual. Therefore, we offer all types of repair of premises of any scale:
• Redecoration of the office - the ability to quickly, with minimal expenses to refresh the interior, to make the room more comfortable and respectable. In the process of work, high-quality materials of domestic and foreign production are used, which allows you to create an attractive and environmentally friendly finish;
• Overhaul - works associated with a fundamental change in the appearance of office premises with the replacement of utilities, doors and windows, floors, and in some cases, redevelopment is carried out with the transfer of internal partitions;
• Renovation of offices - a set of activities that are carried out with the use of elite building and finishing materials, with the introduction of modern technologies. This option allows finishing from scratch to create a completely new look of office space.
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