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Computer help at home

Did your computer stop working? Take advantage of computer help at home and in the office in Moscow or St. Petersburg from the masters of computer repair service consumer service "Lenservice"!

Computer masters of our company are ready to provide the following services:

    Computer diagnostics for malfunction: a detailed customer survey, analysis of the device, the verdict of the computer wizard with the exact cost of repairs and, if necessary, replacement parts.
    Computer repair. Depending on the nature of the breakdown, the computer master either starts work immediately or sends the necessary components for the purchase.
    Installation of programs. In order for the computer equipment to work properly, you need to install on it, in addition to the mandatory installation of the operating system, a number of necessary drivers. This is usually done either after a complete system reinstallation, or immediately after purchasing the computer during the initial setup.
    Cleaning your computer from viruses and setting up antivirus.
    Full or partial recovery of lost data after a virus attack, intervention by third parties or for other reasons.
    Setting up a connection to the Internet networks and various devices.
    Computer service. The service includes computer diagnostics, cleaning of dust and debris, checking the correctness of work and other work, depending on the situation.

We are ready to provide fast computer help to your PC without breaks and weekends. We provide 1 year warranty for all works.

To issue departure of the computer master to your house or office, call us by phones

8 (905) 259-29-08 from 10-21 hours St. Petersburg
8 (968) 522-30-30 from 10-21 hours Moscow. Engineering systems

or leave a request on the site via the mail form!

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