The number of planning types of apartments under construction is small, and they do not change for a long time. Since it is not known in advance which families in them will settle in this or that case, when designing them, it is impossible to take into account the specific needs of each particular family.

Indeed, the everyday needs of the modern family are manifold and with the increase in the material and cultural level of the people are increasingly increasing. It is also clear that the way in which families live can vary considerably. However, due to the unity of the ideological, economic, social and other fundamental attitudes of our entire society, the main characteristic features of the way of life and life are common to all Soviet families. Along with this, it is also necessary to take into account that the places for certain functional processes by the majority of modern families are furnished or equiped in a sufficiently equal manner. All this is the starting principle of designing typical apartments - their architectural and construction solution is developed in accordance with the reasonable forms of vital activity of most families. At the same time, for each demographic type of the family, the architectural-planning type of the apartment is projected. The number, size and purpose of the premises of each architectural and planning type is taken in consideration of the creation of the necessary conditions for the settlement of household household needs within the framework of the current standards of housing provision and occupancy rates. Thus, a certain level of comfort or "housing standard" is provided in the repeatedly replicated standard apartments. Among the domestic needs of the family are sleeping, personal hygiene and toilet, employment, leisure, hospitality and cooking, utility services (for clothing care, housing, and so on. P.), Placement and storage of household items. In the design of the apartments are taken into account only the domestic needs and related major domestic processes, which must be provided in the apartment stationary zone, ie. E. A permanent place with appropriate furniture, equipment, and so on. N.

Approximately in the modern apartment the following zones are provided:
1. Zone for sleeping and daytime rest, placing bedding, etc. If necessary, this zone can be equipped with transformable furniture, for example, a sofa bed.
2. Zones of personal hygiene with sanitary equipment: toilet, bath, washbasin, devices for medical procedures, etc.
3. Toilet area (cosmetic).
4. Areas of placement and storage of dresses, linens, etc.
5. The zone of dressing and storage of everyday street clothes and shoes (at the entrance to the apartment).
6. Zones of individual occupations (educational, professional, amateur, etc.) and placement of written, drawing accessories, etc.
7. Areas for the placement of personal belongings for cultural and domestic purposes.
8. Recreation area of all family members, communication, watching TV, receiving guests and visitors.
9. The zone of accommodation of cultural and household items for general use (books, expositions, etc.).
10. TV set-up area.
11. Dining area for the whole family, for the reception of guests.
12. Additional zone of food in the kitchen.
13. Zone of cooking for preparation and heat treatment of products, collection and disposal of waste, washing and drying, placing dishes, storing food.
14. Zone of installation of the washing machine.
15. Area of accommodation of things of economic use (for washing, cleaning, care of an apartment, etc.).
16. Zone of storage of off-season outerwear.
17. Storage area of rarely or periodically used things (for tourism, sports clothing, equipment, etc.).

The number of personal use zones is calculated according to the size of the family: every family member should have a place to sleep, while less than the number of residents is required for occupation. At the same time, it is assumed that for some home classes, zones of other purposes may be used sporadically. The answer to the question, how to choose a designer, on our portal.

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