Designing an apartment

Designing an apartment

The layout of the apartment, its construction equipment and finishing - an essential part of the interior, its pre-set conditions for solving furniture, equipment and amenities. Despite the fact that each family landscapes its dwelling and organizes its life in it independently in accordance with its needs and opportunities, the influence of the design decision on this seemingly individual process is very great. Particularly important in this regard is the layout of apartments. The composition, the location, the area and the internal dimensions of the premises, the size and location of windows and doors, the outlets of common house networks, etc., are decisively influenced by how the room and things can be placed and in what quantity, first of all, large items furniture. Especially this dependence affects small rooms. But even in a spacious room, due to the unfortunate location of doors or windows, there may be too few piers and unsuitable floors that are suitable for convenient furniture placement. In such cases, you have to place furniture irrationally: where it is located for the place, and not where it would be convenient.

Along with the increase in the pace of construction, the lowering of its labor intensity, intensive work is being done on gradual improvement of its quality, improvement of design solutions for standard apartments. To this end, serious research is carried out on the social, demographic and consumer aspects of the design of standard apartments, the elaboration of their functional organization, the provision of conditions for their furnishing and equipment in the process of exploitation is deepened. In addition, regular surveys of inhabited apartments and the nature of their household use are conducted. With the participation of architects, new organizational forms of high-quality finishing and equipment of the apartments are introduced before they are populated by orders and at the expense of the population; systems for quality management of erection, finishing and construction equipment for residential buildings are being developed. New design solutions are tested on full-scale models of fully equipped, furnished and well-maintained standard apartments and in experimental construction.

In the future it is planned to increase the size of apartments and enrich their architectural and planning types, taking into account regional and socio-demographic characteristics of families. However, when the reasonable maximum level of spatial comfort is reached, the sizes of the apartments are stabilized. This conclusion is based on a number of objective laws. It is taken into account, for example, the fact that for each individual household process with functional, hygienic, anthropometric, ergonomic and all other points of view, absolutely certain conditions (space, equipment, illumination, etc.) are required.

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