Sliding doors and interior doors

Useful information on the selection and purchase of sliding doors for wardrobes, walk-in closets and interior doors

Almost all furniture manufacturers and interior door factories make similar models with slight differences.

Coupe Doors:

    Symmetric and asymmetric aluminum profile
    Steel profile
    Narrow and wide profile
    Profile from MDF and array
    Glass and mirror filling
    Diagonal and direct filling
    Sophisticated Teardown
    Filling with chipboard, MDF, veneer, plastic, rattan and bamboo
    Hinged, pendant and lower support doors of a compartment

Interior doors:

    Classic doors
    Classic glass doors
    New classic
    Solid wood doors
    Door frame with glass in one plane
    Prefabricated modern wood and glass
    Prefabricated Classic
    From deep milling array
    With wide profiles and narrow glass, or vice versa
    Folding, hanging coupes and just hinged

The difference between an aluminum profile and a steel profile from MDF and Array

The profile for aluminum sliding doors does not have the deformation of the frame, as in other materials, the great rigidity of the structure and mounting of the roller mechanism. At sliding doors made of solid wood and MDF, when using rollers as in an aluminum profile, screw fastening of the rollers of the compartment door breaks due to the severity of the structure and material properties, for this reason it is better to install them on the suspension system of the compartment Gerkules, Elfa, Elf, etc. In the soft steel profile of Stanley, Kirena, Senator, Komandor, Indeco, the entire frame of the door is fastened by latches of the base of the rollers, sometimes it is additionally fixed with self-tapping screws. Now, most manufacturers of coupe doors manufacture their products from RaumPlus aluminum profile or its analogues Ideal, Aristo, Komandor, etc. Since the compartment doors are durable, light and with a large supply of resources.
The difference between telescopic prefabricated boxes and conventional composite
What is the difference between the telescopic moldings of interior door boxes from the usual usual ones? What are the benefits of a telescopic prefab?

There are two main differences and advantages of telescopic moldings of door frames from conventional prefabricated interior door frames.

    The telescopic design of the door frame allows you to save on the use of additional extras and the possibility of its installation on an opening with a wall thickness of 80 mm. up to 95 mm. And this is a fairly common wall thickness (plasterboard partitions, concrete building blocks.
    The telescopic prefabricated door frame allows you to hide the vertical bumps in the walls, as well as the uneven wall thickness.
    Unlike conventional overhead structures, the telescopic box is mounted without nails and other fastenings for the joints of the box casing.

What you need to know when buying doors!

The choice of compartment doors and interior doors is a matter of taste for everyone, or compliance with the interior of the room, but there are certain rules!

Basically, interior doors are divided into:

    Ecointerline interval
    Natural wood veneer

Basically, the compartment doors are divided into the type of profile, the fittings used and the content:

    Frameless pendant with German, Turkish, Russian and Chinese accessories
    Steel profile with Canadian, Finnish, Polish, Russian and Chinese lower support roller system
    Aluminum profile with German, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Russian and Chinese casters of a suspended, coplanar, mounted and supporting lower system
    From solid wood and MDF in veneer or lamination, non-profile compartment doors with German, Canadian, Turkish, Finnish, Chinese, Swedish and Russian sliding systems - suspended or with a lower support system of rollers.

The arrangement in the above lists is with increasing cost and quality of products. Naturally, the quality of the doors and components to a greater extent depends on the manufacturer, which is the case with interior doors, and with the compartment doors.

In the interior doors, lacquered (or laminated) are the cheapest, and the array is the most expensive. The same story with compartment doors, frameless laminated most popular and cheapest in standard sliding wardrobes, and solid compartment doors used in dressing rooms or as interior doors have the maximum cost due to the material itself and the serious furniture used for the sliding compartment system.

Sliding interior doors of a compartment are ordinary cloths, or cloths in a frame on which the dynamic roller mechanism of a coupe is fixed. With the help of a sliding mechanism, the door can be moved along the wall, opening and closing the doorway of a room, dressing room or built-in closet. On our website of our partner in the repair and manufacture of sliding sliding door systems, a wide range of beautiful models of sliding door doors is presented for cabinets, living rooms, walk-in closets and other rooms. They differ among themselves by the used accessories, the type of coupe system, the materials of manufacture, the number of wings, the presence of decor and, accordingly, the cost.

The principle of operation of the coupe system

The sliding interior door leaf is suspended on a roller mechanism and moves on rollers along a guide, which is located at the top and is hidden by a decorative strip, or part of a door extension. At the bottom there is a guide flag or roller that prevents the leaf from moving in the plane and holding it in a vertical position.

Interior door models are often attached to the upper rail so that there is no threshold at the entrance to the room, while most compartment doors for cabinets and walk-in closets move along the lower. In the lower support system of the compartment at the top there is a supporting guide, which ensures the door is in a vertical position.

The biggest mistake most buyers make is that they are a lot of freebies or advertising victims. They purchase ready-made assembled mirrored compartment doors with guides and rollers, in a hardware store, at the price of a set of high-quality profiles without a mirror, accessories and guides. Here you can only guess what they are made of and what accessories are equipped ... However, they do not take into account that certain dimensions, ceiling height and opening are needed for finished doors. This is where the problems begin with superstructures of partitions on the ceiling so that the doors rise in height, or trim the doors, at the same cost of the doors themselves. Then after 3-5 months, the rollers fall apart, and the frame crumbles. And cheap compartment doors from Chinese components grow in value on a par with high-quality doors from the original German profile and accessories. So with interior doors, they are trying to buy cheaply veneered doors or solid wood doors through promotions or advertising. This is a regular sale of marriage or non-standard, or a repeated sale of return.

Rule 1: There are no good cheap compartment doors and interior doors made of solid wood or veneered.

And if you find those, then this is simply not real "luck." But most likely, you did not understand something or did not notice. The only option is to sell product samples in connection with the closure of a store or company. Then yes, you are really lucky and need to buy. But you must understand that in the future you will not have a guarantee and there will be no one to turn to in case of marriage or breakdown of door hardware.

Often you have to look at those customers who return defective doors or cheap compartment doors back to the store. Spend your time, finances and nerves. Improvement of the built-in closet or wardrobe doors of the compartment, or the completion of the apartment is delayed indefinitely. They come and complain, but they have no choice, just wait. Or order quality coupe doors in a furniture company. Since when buying standard compartment doors, you have to lay out

Rule 2: If you want to buy price / quality doors, order compartment doors from the manufacturer, and purchase interior doors in accordance with the price of this type of door.

    Sliding doors in an aluminum profile - from 8000 to 20,000 and higher per unit, depending on its content, profile, accessories and type of sliding system.
    Interior doors in the cheap segment - from 3000 per sheet, better quality veneered sheets from 8000, and from solid wood from 20,000 and higher.

How do interior and coupe doors sell in most companies and stores?

In each organization, looking at the cost, you will see the price of the door, which will not tell you anything about the total cost of the finished product, that is, the accessories, delivery, installation, etc.

In most interior door stores, they specifically underestimate the cost of the product by transferring part of the cost to other works and accessories! Since very few buyers understand what exactly and how much is needed in order to replace doors or put in new ones. If with compartment doors with a lower support system, everything is simple, it is a finished door and two guides, then an interior compartment door or just an interior hinged door is only one of the components of the finished product. And in the budget version of the canvas, it is not the most expensive part. To install it you will need: a box, extensions, platbands, accessories and the services of a specialist in installing doors.

It is very rare when the buyer requires only accessories or only one canvas. And this is exactly the type of deception that dishonest sellers are ready to go. This strategy allows you to attract customers with a "low cost" and not allow you to compare the cost of everything you need for a kit. As a result of these manipulations, instead of imaginary savings, you get the real cost of the product.

Conclusion: It is necessary to order compartment doors according to dimensions, and to acquire interior doors equipped with a box and cladding, it is better already assembled. Having bought only handles for the interior of the room.

Rule 3: You need to understand that in order for your house to have a new swing door or compartment door, buying one door is not enough.

You will also need: (for example, swing doors)

    a box is three products
    platbands five pieces
    with a thick wall
    double handle
    lock or latch
    loops 2-3 pcs.

If the interior doors are compartment, you will still need:

    a box is three products
    platbands five pieces
    with a thick wall
    mortise handle 2 pieces
    lock or latch for sliding doors
    mating guide
    two roller mechanisms
    guide rail
    decorative strip for lining the beam and the guide

In total, you will need, in addition to the door itself, from 4500 to 17000 for a complete set, delivery and installation of the product come to this plus, and this is from 2500 to 15000 and higher.

Rule 4: Always compare the final cost for a full set of doors, but rather the full final price of the product with delivery, elevation to the floor and installation. For all manufacturers, it is significantly different. Well, the more you purchase interior doors - the more likely you are to get a discount! This works in all organizations that manufacture compartment doors or sell interior doors, do not hesitate to remind the manager about the discount, it is precisely at discounts that you can really save.

We wish you a pleasant purchase and update your interior!

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