Engineering systems, electrics Moscow

Electrician call 24 hours all areas of Moscow

The dispatcher accepts applications to call an electrician 24 hours (around the clock), and our specialist will come to you within an hour. All problems will be fixed. For all types of work you will receive a guarantee from our company.

Call an electrician on duty phone 8-968-522-30-30 around the clock

Daytime electrician check-out from 09.00-20.00h. 1000rub + work Night departure of an electrician from 20.00-08.00h. from 2000 + work at night rate.

How to call an electrician on duty

1. You call and talk about your problem.
2. Our specialist advises you on all issues. And draws up an application.
3. At a time convenient for you, the master comes to you.
4. Do you enjoy the prompt resolution of your question?

List of Services

    Installation of any engineering networks.
    Diagnostics of electrical equipment, troubleshooting and defect.
    Power cable laying “hidden” in the wall, ceiling and floor;
    Laying the power cable "open" using a channel cable or cable tray;
    Installation of low-voltage wiring, OPS (security and fire alarm), laying of television (antenna), telephone and Internet (twisted pair) cables, video surveillance cable for digital and analog systems;
    Strobing (creating a furrow) of a brick or concrete wall for wiring;
    Assembly of electrical panels (power) and low-current panels (burglar or fire alarm)
    Machine installation, RCD, diff. automatic machine (differential automatic machine), electric power meter, security and fire alarm sensor;
    The device of an additional potential equalization system.
    Installation of a socket, switch, passage switch, motion sensor, timer, step-down transformer.
    Installation of intercoms, access control systems (remote access control system), video surveillance systems, alarms;
    Connection of internal electrical equipment, such as: electric boiler, water heater, electric stove, electric oven, electric heated towel rail and other electrical equipment;
    Installation of a chandelier, lamp, sconce, LED lighting

Call the electrician on duty within 1 hour !.

Daytime electrician check-out from 09.00-20.00h. 1000rub + work
Night electrician check-out from 20.00-08.00h. from 2000 + work at night rate.
phone 8-968-522-30-30 around the clock

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