Repair of cabinets of the St. Petersburg coupe

Professional repair of cabinets - repair of cabinets of a compartment at home

The longer the closet serves, the more urgent is the question of where to repair it in the event of a sudden breakdown. Specialists of our company have extensive technical knowledge and skills, as well as impressive professional experience, which allows them to successfully perform efficient repairs of cabinets of various models and furniture manufacturers. Having all the equipment necessary for repair work, our masters are able to repair the breakage of the cabinets of the compartment and other cabinet furniture of any complexity.

The most common reasons for the appearance of a malfunction of the closet cabinets and simple cabinets is the long intensive or incorrect use, the increased loads accumulated between the elements of the roller pollution mechanism and the initially incorrect assembly of furniture. The repair of the coupe cabinets in St. Petersburg, now a very popular service, usually involves the need to replace the track and wheels (rollers) - the parts that are the first to undergo wear and breakage. In addition, often require the repair of items such as fragile glass or mirrors, as well as boxes and shelves. These and other more specific defects are easily corrected by specialists of our furniture workshop. Their professional approach to repairing furniture, accompanying the repair of cabinets, allows you to clearly assess the nature and scale of the malfunction and quickly and reliably restore or replace the damaged part of the wardrobe. Any manipulations that may require upgrading or repairing the cabinets of the coupe in St. Petersburg are carried out by us at a high level, ensuring your furniture in the future for many years of impeccable operation and use.

Prices for the repair of cabinets, as well as the repair of cabinets - compartments

Replacement guides from 1,5 thousand rubles.

Replacement of rollers from 1,5 thousand rubles.

Replacement of loops 1 pc. From 200 rubles.

Replacement of guiding boxes from 1,5 thousand rubles.

Complete replacement of the coupe system from 5 thousand rubles.

Installation of sliding mechanisms and pantographs from 1.5 thousand rubles.

Our specialists will quickly perform repair services for sliding wardrobes, kitchen furniture, replace the rollers of the sliding compartment system and a broken mirror in the cabinet doors, change the countertop in the kitchen and much more.
Complex furniture repair also includes alteration of the design and dimensions. When implementing a comprehensive repair of sliding wardrobes or kitchen units, we offer our customers discounts that depend on the value of the order. It is profitable to make a comprehensive repair and modernization of furniture in the company "Art-Design Furniture"!
Replacing the roller system of the sliding wardrobe will extend the life of your wardrobe and make sliding the doors along the rails ideal again. New clips, an updated sliding door system, and all this quickly and inexpensively.
Within the framework of both complex and minor furniture repairs, it is possible to furnish room furniture; you can order furniture on an individual project.
The order of doors of a compartment, sliding wardrobe or kitchen in our company is profitable and fast. A team of experienced craftsmen, designers and designers will quickly produce cabinet furniture in any design.
Prices for the manufacture of sliding wardrobes, from the cost calculator, apply only to the manufacture of built-in and linear sliding wardrobes.
Repair of sliding wardrobes and kitchen furniture in St. Petersburg has a special repair format that requires the highest quality and modern materials, as well as knowledge of the structural features of furniture design, and sliding door systems. We choose the best fittings for our customers, guided by many years of experience in manufacturing furniture and repairing various sliding systems: Stanley, RaumPlus, Komandor, Indeco, Hettich, Caimi, Sisco Sistem, Kirena, Senator, etc.
The price of repair of cabinet furniture in St. Petersburg is the sum of the cost of materials, used accessories, components and the amount of work. In cramped rooms, or with very heavy compartment doors, the cost of a repair service is increasing. You can find out the estimated cost of cabinet furniture repair services on the pages of services available on the website in the appropriate sections, divided by type of service: Repair of sliding wardrobes, Repair of sliding doors, Furniture repair, Furniture assembly, Sliding doors, Master for an hour, Rollers for cabinets compartment, Materials for furniture repair, as well as Furniture repair in the districts of St. Petersburg and the region. Also, the estimated cost of services you can calculate by calling 980-36-42, WhatsApp. The exact cost of furniture repair can be called if you send a photo of the damage to the post office or by WhatsApp.

Furniture repair. Repair of sliding wardrobes. Post warranty repair of wardrobes Stanley, Komandor, Mr.Doors, Kirena, RaumPlus, Indeco. At the end of the warranty on the sliding wardrobe, one can often encounter the problem of failure of one or more of the lower wheels of the rollers or guides.
Sliding wardrobe is a type of cabinet furniture with sliding doors. The dimensions of the built-in or freestanding wardrobe allow you to store a large number of objects and things, therefore, such wardrobes are used in offices, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, nurseries, dressing rooms, hotel rooms, etc. Intensive use of the sliding wardrobe leads to the exit of the lower guides and rollers of the sliding door, as well as damage to the appearance of the compartment doors.
The Art-Design company offers all types of repair of a sliding wardrobe at home. The company's specialists are provided with the necessary supplies, accessories for sliding wardrobes and professional tools. The qualification of our craftsmen allows us to guarantee high results in the repair of sliding wardrobes and other cabinet furniture. Calling a specialist in home furniture repair is saving on the transportation of broken furniture around the city.

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