Furniture assembly

Assembly, assembly, disassembly and repair of furniture

We provide services such as assembly disassembly of furniture, household connection built-in appliances, repair of furniture, replacement of fittings in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region a week.
As well as the manufacture of furniture: wardrobes, kitchens, children's, dressing rooms, office furniture. Replacing old with new countertops similar or of artificial stone, replacement mirror doors coupe roller mechanism.

Good day dear visitor of our Internet - representation, we are glad to see you on the website of the organization "Flax - Service" make-repair-spb.rf. Our organization is engaged in providing services to the population of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in the assembly of furniture at home, installing built-in appliances, and furniture repair for over ten years. We work with individuals who have purchased furniture and they require professional installation or assembly of furniture and furnishings from the organization of trading, but for whatever reason do not have a competent collector of furniture. As for shops, offices, and private customers in addition to the assembly and installation of furniture, we also carry out manufacturing of furniture ranging from professional kitchen measuring, planning and deployment of communications and electricians in the kitchen for the installation and connection of built-in appliances: washing machines and dishwashers , microwave ovens, coffee - machines, ovens, refrigerators, cooktops; preparation of project design furniture, its manufacture, delivery and installation. Cooperate with the service for repair or replacement of furniture a new one. Change the worn or broken hardware, change mirrors and glass in the door compartment, changing guides cabinets coupe, repair and change the rollers at the door coupe all systems of cabinets, such as:

  •      wardrobes Kirena
  •      wardrobes Komandor
  •      wardrobes RaumPlus
  •      wardrobes Hettich
  •      wardrobes Ciami
  •      wardrobes Sisco Sistem
  •      wardrobes Indeco
  •      wardrobes Stanley

and all their equivalents ..

Just make repair sliding interior doors and sliding partitions suspension systems: the replacement of the machine or system completely.

We believe that our main specialty is - repair of furniture, assembly, installation and dismantling of furniture, as due to the influx of migrant workers - (it. Gastarbeiter - immigrant workers - foreign worker, or Gast-guest and arbeiten-work, drawn from underdeveloped country in the industrialized countries. As a rule, migrant workers are willing to work for lower wages in comparison with domestic workers) data services performed professionally in great demand in St. Petersburg. Since by competent installation and assembly of furniture depends comfortable use and most importantly the duration of her life. This applies particularly to the installation built-in furniture, sliding door wardrobes and kitchen, and all related work are associated with the assembly of kitchens. There are collectors because of such services as installation and connection of built-in appliances in the kitchen sink and faucet installation, connection and transfer of light sockets in the kitchen. A connection built-in appliances, dispouzerov and various appliances required skills and professionalism. Since the installation and assembly kitchens - this is a very complex set of works which, if possible you should not make yourself and even more to hire guest workers or ask "rukastogo" neighbor, and to entrust this business professional furniture assemblers, who know all the nuances of making furniture from zero to competent mounting. Our furniture collectors have in their arsenal all the necessary power for the assembly of furniture, always carry spare parts, accessories and supplies in case of lack of complete your furniture, which often happens when buying furniture online stores. And about the subtleties and nuances of this process is admissible as the installation of built-in dishwasher with the portion of the facade or the kitchen refrigerator or reweighing from left to right on the refrigerator door just shop assembling furniture Loader in general is unknown. Can be long to read and study the instructions for installation and connection of home appliances, but not completely understand how you are connecting and installation dispouzera (crushers), installation drawing and holding the air duct or inset hob which requires in addition to competent markup propyl, connection to the power cable which oh how not just given to beginners trying to connect to the hob 10-12kVt to the wire cross-section 2.5-3 square.

Connection and installation of the washing machine in the kitchen increases the space in the bathroom, unless of course you do not have flat Khrushev. Since the small kitchen just to have enough space for cooking. Connect the built-in washing machine, as well as the connection of the dishwasher has a number of requirements for connection to the power supply and communications. Assembling and connecting kitchen built-in appliances, requires professionalism, which have our masters.

Kitchen sets and custom built-in appliances are single design, so we carry out the installation of home appliances when installing kitchen. Our craftsmen are connected built-in appliances in the kitchen during the installation process, and when the kitchen is already installed other professionals, but for some reason you have not installed appliances. For example, most collectors of furniture from the store or online store kitchen furniture, do not carry out household appliance, limited only by only a hole for washing or cooking surface countertop and then, if an ordinary tabletop. As a countertop made of artificial stone, and they do not touch .. Referring to the fact that the connection should be engaged in electrical and plumbing .. Or for example you do not buy household appliances in advance before ordering or buying food. Most often impossible to build appliances in the kitchen without altering the modules, what exactly do regular garbage from the store. These options are possible with cheap kitchens like "Kitchen Borovichi", which are made by "their" standards as Ikea kitchen. Our craftsmen will carry out for you to connect any built-in appliances, kitchen mess modules and more.

When properly installed, the kitchen to the event will need a whole day, or even two, be prepared for it in advance and schedule a time for it. We also provide services for the assembly of furniture and built-in, it is certainly easier than assembling the kitchen, but also requires a professional approach. Due to the huge volumes of cheap furniture sales and the lack of professional builders in many furniture stores or shopping malls such as: Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Maksidom or IKEA, managers draw with the terms of the assembly of furniture, or advance warning that "the collector of furniture" will arrive next month. About quality and low cost of the furniture we keep silent .. Accordingly, the happy owners of new furniture are faced with a choice - to wait a month collector of furniture from the store or find a collector of furniture through the Yandex search. Turning to our organization LenServis our customers can take advantage of our masters either the same day or the next day, depending on the order volume.

And if you have to rush move, and even if the furniture is bought by a couple of months ago, contact the company for collectors of furniture in which it was acquired and is still under warranty - there is no sense - forget about you .. For this data services are very popular in the market of St. Petersburg - such as assembly, disassembly of furniture and furniture repair. The term assembly-disassembly of furniture meant assembly of office furniture, assembly of cabinet compartment, dressing room, living room, as well as disassembly of furniture to move or repair the apartment, such as furniture and built-in plumbing come to you and require access to the risers that flowed and closed furniture, you will need to urgently take advantage of this service as accurate demolition and dismantling furniture - which alas plumber can do to a human being. In such cases, you can apply to our company, our masters will be able to disassemble or dismantle any furniture manufacturers without breakdowns and problems.

Since it is not prepared people often do not even know exactly what supplies are needed for installation or repair of furniture, laying the air duct from the hood, connect the crane, etc. our craftsmen have put together a list of necessary supplies to carry out certain works, and if necessary will buy them yourself, giving you a check costs.

The assembly process of furniture or repair of furniture requires the master - skilled approach, deliberation in the actions, knowledge of manufacturing techniques of furniture and accuracy in work. This is not always a virtue person without specific professional skills, without the knowledge of some of the subtleties and tricks that are known to experienced collectors, as well as without a certain amount needed for the assembly of the power and "adapt". And this is not to mention the assembly and installation of built-in kitchen made on an individual project. Since the assembly of kitchen furniture custom furniture requires collecting skills of several specialties, such as carpenter, carpenter, plumber, electrician skills and collector of furniture. If you have no experience in the assembly and installation of furniture, we urge you not to assemble furniture themselves, but to refer the matter to the professionals in the assembly of furniture. Probably already clear that anyone from the qualitative performance of installation and assembly of furniture will depend on such important things as its appearance, functionality, durability and tend to use the life expectancy of furniture. We have repeatedly faced with the fact that people are trying to save waiting staff collector who "collect furniture" for a penny or ask their friends to collect furniture calming himself - simple assembly instructions of furniture and the presence of the tool. As a result, the broken pieces of furniture, fittings and confused bunch of cluttered room furniture parts for a week .. This is followed by normal search masters assemble furniture, the additional cost of rework, repair and assembly of furniture. Call us, save yourself from wasting time and other troubles. All our masters have great experience in the manufacture, assembly and repair of furniture.

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