Connection and installation of the toilet

How to correctly connect the toilet to the sewer

To independently connect the toilet to the sewer, you will need very little time and a minimum of tools. The plumbing masters of our site “make-repair-spb.rf” will share some tips and tell you how to make an independent connection of a toilet flush quickly and reliably.
How does installation begin?
Before proceeding with the installation of the toilet and its discharge, you need to determine the direction and position of the sewer pipe in your toilet and, accordingly, with the output on the toilet - in specialized stores there are different models of toilets that differ in design and structure of the drain. There are 3 options for the release of sewage water:
• oblique drain, mainly installed in three and five-story houses such as Khrushchev and old buildings;
• vertical drain, which was used in pre-revolutionary buildings;
• horizontal discharge, widely used in modern construction.
Having decided on the type of fan pipe system in your apartment, it will not be difficult to choose a toilet with an appropriate drain and save on a specialist’s call and save yourself the trouble of installing additional pipes and joints.
Next, you should choose the type of toilet connection that will ensure the correct junction of the toilet and sewer pipe. There are not so many options, but they differ in the complexity of installation:
• cast iron fan pipes, when connected to the toilet, form an integral structure that looks solid, but when docking the toilet drain and the sewer pipe, non-professionals may have difficulty installing it, so this option should be abandoned if you connect it yourself;
• angular cuffs are available with angles of different degrees, or there are options with adjustable angles, so you can choose the right option easily, and just as easily install it in place;
• corrugated pipe, due to its flexibility and specific form, is considered universal, it is convenient to use it to connect to the outlet with any angle of the outlet on the toilet and fan pipe, but this is not only its plus, but also a big minus, since in its bends the corrugations collect the branches and it all rots, decomposes and quickly clogs. This option must be changed once every half a year.
Correct connection of the toilet to the fan pipe with the corrugation
Due to its plasticity, flexibility and ease of installation, corrugations are considered the most popular option for connecting a toilet, unless of course you are not a professional. Since the plumber specialist knowing about the quality of this connection, he will put up a rigid structure. In carrying out complex calculations of angles, flushing on the toilet and tilting the elbow of the fan pipe, there is no need, so installing the toilet will take a minimum of time.
If the house has a cast-iron fan pipe, then rubber cuffs can be used as a sealant. It is necessary to install the cuff on the fan pipe before the corrugation is joined to the pipe to give greater tightness to the structure. To increase the tightness of the joint between the fan pipe and the cuff, use silicone sanitary sealant, it can also be used under the base of the toilet so that there is no direct contact between the plane of the toilet and the tile.
Connect to the fan pipe and install the toilet according to the rules below:
• After measuring the connection to the fan pipe, make holes for securing the toilet.
• Insert one end of the corrugation into the sewer pipe, be sure to grease the mounting location with silicone compound.
• Attach the other end of the corrugation to the toilet. It is rubberized, so it is attached without the need for additional sealing.
• Drain the water tank and make sure that the joints between the connection to the toilet and the fan pipe do not leak.
• If everything is normal, then fix the toilet with fixing bolts, after making a silicone pillow under its base, which serves not only as a pad for softening, but also for leveling.
• Once again, make sure the connections are tight, check the stability of the toilet.
If you were unable to cope with the installation and connection of the toilet to the fan pipe with your own hands or if you didn’t have the necessary tools for installation at home, please contact our masters. Qualified specialists will arrive at a time convenient for you and make the necessary installation and other repairs as soon as possible, which guarantees the operation of plumbing for many years without problems.

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