Installing curtain rods

Installing cornice - a husband for an hour.

Indeed, many buyers, especially buyers eaves seems that after the choice is made and cornice taken home, all their ordeal was over. But allow me to buy curtain rods - only half the battle. Cornice need more and strengthened so that it is properly performed its primary function - kept the curtains, and thus also decorated home. Of course, it is best to entrust the installation of cornices professionals and call her husband for an hour - to hang cornice, but some subtleties to install the cornice can not hurt to know anyway.

So, with respect to placement of the cornice of the window. Truism: if the window is too narrow - the cornice should be broad, if the window is wide - ledge must exactly match its length. On this point it was necessary to think more in store. And now the question is different: to strengthen the ledge just above the window opening or above it, and if the above, how much? In addressing this issue should be based on what the focus is art. If you want to underline the beauty of the blinds and curtains, the cornice can be placed under the ceiling. If the ledge itself is an important part of the interior, it is better to place it just above the window. Eaves with lambrequins always attached to the ceiling, as otherwise pelmet close of the window, and the whole structure will look alyapisto. Under the ceiling and fastened round moldings. But with the use of forged cornices and other decorative elements on window better strengthen to around was enough space, otherwise the ledge would lose its visual appeal and lost in the interior of the room.

If the eaves are not attached to the supporting wall, and, for example, plasterboard partitions, you should either give up heavy curtains, or not immediately mount the cornice on the wall and on the ceiling, or the construction of the cornice can collapse. Although now in stores a huge selection giprochnye fixture on the wall. When repairing flats and walls gypsum plasterboard must take into account such factors as the installation of the cornice, weighed kitchen and other furniture or shelves. To do this in the field of fasteners for gypsum plasterboard cornice is necessary to make a mortgage of lumber or plywood. Competent finishers installing plasterboard walls, first mounted on the guide sheets of plywood, and then gypsum plasterboard. Since a partition of gypsum plasterboard and gypsum plasterboard walls leveling, - a lot of hacks, rather than professionals.

After installing curtain rods, make sure that the ring hooks or clips curtains or blinds. easy to slip on it. If it is not, in the future we will have to nervously pull the curtains to move them, risking their break finally with himself cornice.

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