How to correctly order a wardrobe

Checklist when ordering a wardrobe: how to check a furniture company designer.

This article will help you to control, if desired, the planning process for the future wardrobe, so that after installation there are no unpleasant surprises in the form of specifications and an increase in the waiting time of the finished cabinet.

So, what are the most common mistakes you can make when designing a wardrobe.

  1. The depth of the cabinet is 60 cm, but the depth of the shelves is 50 cm.

It must be remembered that the mechanism cabinet- compartment (the tracks on which the compartment doors drive) take up 10 cm from the depth of the wardrobe. Therefore, if you are building a niche for a wardrobe and want the useful depth of the closet to be at least 60 cm, then take into account an additional 10 cm for the mechanism itself, so the depth of the niche should be at least 70 cm.

sliding wardrobe raumplus wardrobe

  1. Scheduling a separate section behind each door.

Due to technical restrictions, it is impossible to open the doors in a sliding wardrobe so that all sections of the cabinet are visible: in two-door sliding wardrobes, only half of the cabinet will always be visible, hiding behind an open door; in a three-door wardrobe, only one section can be opened; in four-door wardrobes the maximum open opening & ndash; half of the cabinet. The best planning solution & ndash; make a separate section behind each door. Therefore, for the convenience of using the wardrobe, consider the features of sliding systems.

Checklist when ordering a sliding wardrobe: how to check the designer furniture company.

  1. Ensuring smooth pull-out of drawers and baskets

In the wardrobe, there are areas between the sections, which should not be covered by the drawers or baskets. For any movement of the compartment doors, these zones will always be closed, and if part of the front of the box falls on this zone, it will not open at all.

Checklist when ordering a sliding wardrobe: how to order a sliding wardrobe

  1. Bending of shelves longer than 80 cm

Shelves longer than 80 cm sag over time. Example: you need a cabinet with the letter `` P '', framing the doorway, in this case, in the section above the door, the length of which will be 80-90 cm, you need to make a support in the form of a partition, or a drawer side (false panel) along the back of the shelf so that the shelves of this section do not sag over time.

  1. Same width of sliding doors in the closet

To ensure the maximum open opening of the wardrobe, the width of the sliding doors should be the same, with the exception of only three-door sliding wardrobes, in which the middle door can be twice as wide as the side doors.

How to organize a sliding wardrobe

  1. Handles on drawers and sliding doors

When installing handles on drawers, it is necessary that the drawers themselves are recessed to the depth of the planned handle so that it does not interfere with the opening of the compartment doors.

Handles can be provided on the sliding doors themselves, the depth of which will be equal to the depth of the protruding part of the profile.

Checklist when ordering a wardrobe: how to check a furniture company designer .

  1. Side drawers in the built-in wardrobe

In the absence of a side wall in the built-in wardrobe, instead of which a false panel is attached, it is necessary to provide an additional side wall for the drawers from the wall side.

Checklist when ordering a sliding wardrobe: how to check the designer furniture company.

  1. There is a stopper on each sliding door.

This is necessary in order to avoid spontaneous opening of compartment doors due to the slope of the floor, and fixing the doors in place.

  1. Maximum height of the compartment door.

The maximum permissible height of compartment doors depends on the profile and the sliding system itself. It is important that the profile is strong so that the door does not deform over time.

Also, the maximum door height is dictated by its width and filling, on which the final weight of the entire structure depends.

For example, raumplus sliding doors have the following technical limitations:

Maximum height & ndash; 3.5 meters

Maximum width & ndash; 1.5 meters.

Maximum weight & ndash; 180 kg.

Also, if you want a door without dividers, you need to take into account the maximum height of the material used to fill the doors.

Glass sheet AGC Matelac and Lacobel & ndash; 2550 mm

Sheet MP EGGER & ndash; 2800 mm.

Checklist when ordering a wardrobe: how check the designer of the furniture company.

These are the most basic points that can be controlled at the design stage of the wardrobe. In order not to boggle your head with all this information, contact the professionals who will undertake all the obligations and design your future wardrobe without such ridiculous mistakes.

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