How to arrange furniture

How to arrange furniture in a room

Not only the aesthetic perception of the interior as a whole, but also the convenience of living in this room depends on how well thought out the arrangement of furniture in the apartment. The apartment is cluttered with furniture and looks untidy, even if the whole atmosphere consists of rare antique pieces. The harmoniously furnished house looks bright, spacious and functional.

How to arrange furniture

In order for life in an apartment or house to be comfortable and pleasant, ideally you need to get rid of excess furniture as much as possible. This is easy to do if there is free space for creating dressing rooms and pantries. In the absence of extra rooms, you can equip any unused corners - halls, corridors, piers between the rooms, niches and places under the stairs. Even in the room you can separate part of the room and equip the built-in closet - this will significantly save space and accommodate more things than the most spacious, but massive wardrobe.

When the largest furnishings are removed, it becomes much easier to decide how to arrange furniture in the room. First of all, it should not interfere with movement around the room. Doors and windows that cannot be opened cannot cling to or, moreover, hit objects of decor or prevent the opening of cabinets, chests of drawers and sideboards. If there is a table in the center of the room, then the chairs should be freely extendable and not disturb the neighbors. Properly placed furniture opens and closes freely, drawers extend without interfering with movement.

Table lamps and floor lamps for comfortable reading should be located to the left of a sitting person, and this circumstance should also be considered when forming the interior.

How to arrange furniture for Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese doctrine of harmony in Feng Shui teaches that in a room, nothing should impede the flow of qi energy. It is on this basis that knowledge is based on how the correct equipment of a room harmonizes not only the environment itself, but also all spheres of life in such an apartment. If there is any object in the center of the room, the qi energy should be able to "go around" it and find a way out. If she runs into a dead end, living in such a room will be unpleasant and even unhealthy. At the same time, qi should not be “drafted” by a draft, that is, directly from the front door to fly out the window opposite. If the apartment is designed this way, a table with chairs or a large sofa set up along the qi route will make it go around it and thereby slow down its movement.

Harmony will be restored and life in the room will be normal. Also, according to the Chinese, the mirror on the qi path reflects it back.

A lot of attention is paid to how to correctly arrange furniture in a spacious room. Such a room requires division into functional zones, each of which should not impede the movement of vital energy. It should smoothly flow from one zone to another, evenly distributed throughout the room.

How to arrange furniture in Khrushchev

The apartments in the houses, affectionately called the "Khrushchevs", are known for all their tiny kitchens, combined bathrooms, small rooms and low ceilings. The question of how to arrange furniture in the Khrushchev’s room is particularly acute. These rooms do not tolerate large, bulky items of furniture - they take up too much space and make the ceilings visually even lower. Modular systems are good for such apartments, and objects must be alternated, and not built in the old fashioned “wall”. For example, a high “pencil case” for clothes is complemented by a sofa bed, over which a shelf is mounted in several levels, followed by a rack with open and closed sashes, uneven chests of drawers and a desktop with a computer. The height differences do not allow the gaze to be fixed on the same level and the room seems larger, and the multitude of functional capacities in the cabinets, shelves and chests of drawers allows you to hide all the necessary things.

The fewer small objects remain “on the surface”, the less space is split up and the room looks more spacious. Multifunctional items, for example, a sofa with a large space for bedding, a bedside table on wheels that can be rolled under the desktop when not in use, folding chairs and much more can significantly save space and not clutter it with unnecessary furniture.

How to arrange furniture in an apartment

Large houses and luxury apartments allow you to distribute a significant amount of furniture and at the same time not to make the space cramped. The situation is different in standard apartments, which do not differ in premises of a large area. It is especially difficult to decide how to harmoniously distribute the furniture in the common room. Here, each member of the family needs to allocate a convenient place, corresponding to his age and interests. The best way out is zoning the space and using compact or folding furniture. For the dining area in a cramped room, a small sliding table is useful, which can also be used as a worker if someone in the family sews, draws or does needlework without having their own room or free space in it.

The living area may include a sofa and armchairs, complemented by a coffee table. Here senior family members can gather to watch TV, read and knit, chat with others. From such a room it is worth removing everything that is not related to recreation and entertainment. Convenient storage systems, sideboards and chests of drawers will help to harmonize the space, removing unnecessary items that create motleyness and visually reduce the room.

How to arrange furniture in a rectangular room

Putting the right outlines and proportions is the designer's dream. There can be no problem how to arrange furniture in a room, especially if the door to this room is not opposite the window. If the room is very large, the arrangement of furniture along the walls is not always justified. So that the center of the room is not empty, depending on the purpose of the room in the middle, you can put a dining table (in the dining room), a sofa or even a sofa group with a coffee or coffee table (in the living room). This arrangement of furniture visually breaks the space into zones and makes it more convenient. The main condition is that furniture should not interfere with moving around the room, and chairs and sofas should be designed specifically for such placement (often they have an unaesthetic back surface and are placed close to the wall).

A convenient option for a large living room is a corner sofa with armchairs and a table. It can separate the recreation area from the play area, if there are small children in the house, it will be very convenient to watch them, while at the same time not disturbing the kids. A rectangular bedroom will allow you to conveniently put a bed and two bedside tables, while maintaining a fairly wide approach on both sides of the bed.

How to arrange furniture in a narrow room

Such a room is the opposite of the correct proportions of a rectangular room. Although the narrow room represents the same rectangle, its proportions are completely different - the short ends and long sides prevent the furniture from being correctly positioned. Furniture cannot be placed in the center of a narrow rectangle; ideally, the situation across the room will improve visual perception, but may interfere with movement.

The way out is transformers: sofas-beds, and even better a sofa, folded “going” into the furniture wall, folding tables that turn into small bedside tables and mobile items on casters, easily removed from the road, a desk in the form of a board on hinges and props, dropping when not in use. If the location of the door allows, you can turn the end part of a narrow room into a dressing room or pantry, which will not only allow you to remove a lot of objects, but also change the proportions of the room for the better.

How to arrange furniture in the bedroom

A room requiring a minimum of furniture is a bedroom. When deciding how to arrange furniture in a room, the owners should prefer elegant compact objects, because in the bedroom you do not need to store a lot of things, and if you have a dressing room or a large wardrobe, you can limit yourself to a bed, bedside tables, a dressing table, a trellis or a dressing table for a woman and practical dresser for men. An important element of the bedroom decor is a large mirror, preferably reflecting the owners to their full height. It must be installed so that the person sleeping in bed does not see his reflection. Feng Shui experts believe that this is very bad for health. A convenient option - mirror cabinet doors - there is both practicality and space saving.

The spacious bedroom gives the owners the opportunity to experiment with the placement of the main piece of furniture - the bed. It can even be placed in the center of the room and decorated with a canopy, while the rest of the furniture in the room should be as invisible as possible.

It is undesirable to put the bed head to the window - drafts, noise and excessive heat from the batteries will prevent a sound and healthy sleep. Also, the bed is not placed with a back to the entrance - it looks ugly and very uncomfortable.

How to arrange furniture in the nursery

For most parents, the question of how best to arrange furniture in the children's room is very important, because the health and safety of the child depends on the proper placement of items, especially when it comes to the baby. First of all, children's furniture should not have sharp corners and easily detachable parts. Strong legs of cabinets and beds are the guarantee that the child will not be able to overturn these objects, and firmly and securely fixed shelves and hanging cabinets are a guarantee of the baby’s safety even if he can climb onto them. In children's furniture, it is better not to use glass doors and sashes, as well as protruding parts, especially metal ones.

It is convenient for the nursery to arrange furniture along the walls so that the middle of the room remains free and the child can play on the carpet. The nursery should have a bed or a sofa bed, a desk with a comfortable chair matched to the age and height of the child, a wardrobe for clothes and shelves or a rack for books and toys. So that numerous trifles and children's toys do not wallow throughout the room, it is worthwhile to highlight a special curbstone or a convenient portable and light basket for them. Do not put a bed near a window or near a door to avoid drafts.

How to arrange furniture in the hall, living room

The decision how to arrange the furniture in the room, which is allocated for the living room should be all family members. This room is intended for leisure activities with the whole family, so it should be as comfortable as possible for everyone. If the room is used exclusively as a living room, and not in combination with the functions of the dining room, then for a comfortable environment it is enough to put upholstered furniture, a comfortable coffee or coffee table and a small sideboard or sideboard for dishes. Of course, you can’t do without a TV in such a room, and the fireplace will add coziness and become the center of the composition of the room.

If you put two soft comfortable sofas at the opposite walls of the room, and place a table between them, it will be convenient for sitting not only to read or drink coffee, but also to talk with each other. The wall next to the door can be occupied by a sideboard or a TV. Such a situation will fit even into a very small room. A more spacious room will add a couple of soft armchairs and a wardrobe, which can serve as a library or a repository of family values. A large fluffy carpet on the floor will visually combine all the pieces of furniture into one composition.

How to arrange furniture in the kitchen

For the kitchen, the most important thing in the distribution of furniture is ergonomics. The hostess spends a lot of time in this room, constantly moving around the room. To minimize its movement, key items - a refrigerator, stove and sink - are placed in the form of a triangle. Ideally, between the stove and the sink is a cutting table - it’s more convenient to work and the number of steps between the key elements of the environment is reduced. In addition, Feng Shui strongly recommends separating the elements of fire (stove) and water (washing), otherwise it can destroy harmony. If the kitchen takes food, the table should be set so that it does not interfere with cooking.

If you have a dining room, you can confine yourself to a small bar counter, inscribed in a set of kitchen furniture - it takes up little space, but is very functional - you can have breakfast here, in the evening enjoy a cocktail or sit with a friend. The hanging elements of the bar are not only decorative, but also provide additional storage for fragile dishes - glasses and wine glasses.

The classic version of kitchen furniture with hanging cabinets is very practical and allows you to place many different items. In a small kitchen, this option will help to use a small space, in fact, one free wall. In this case, all the furniture will line up along one of the walls, and the other will have a table or a refrigerator. In large kitchens, furniture can form a corner or occupy two opposite walls.

How to arrange furniture in the office, office

If the apartment has an office or someone from home works at home, you have to be puzzled by how to arrange furniture in the room selected for these purposes. The classic version of a set of furniture for the office: a desk with a working chair, a cabinet for documents or a library, a cabinet for office equipment. If this is a home office and it is planned to receive visitors in it, then a table for meetings and negotiations and chairs for visitors are added or a soft corner with a sufficient room area.

It is better to put the desk so that the person sitting at it is facing the incoming person. If the curbstone for office equipment is equipped with rollers, it can be easily moved away when not in use or even pushed under a table or cabinet. This will save space. The working and reception areas are visually separated by the arrangement of furniture. The reception may include chairs for visitors and a small table or a group of two sofas (sofas and armchairs). For meetings, another table with chairs, made up in the shape of the letter T, is attached to the head’s desktop. So, everyone sitting can see and hear each other perfectly. Typically, paper cabinets or a library are either at the desk, forming a background for it, or on the sides. For an office or office, the choice of furniture and its quality are very important, as this is an indicator of the status of the owner. Respectable men prefer massive furniture made of natural wood, youth is limited to light modern plastic or combination materials, a woman can afford a more elegant setting.

It is desirable that all the furniture be from one headset or harmonize with each other, but if the centerpiece of the composition is an antique item, then the rest of the environment is designed to beat it. The fireplace will give a special chic to the cabinet, even an electric imitation will look very decent.

The cosiness and comfort of family living, a special mood that unites all members, depends on how correctly selected and rationally arranged furniture in an apartment or house is. As the English say, "my house is my castle."

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