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Replacement of countertops in the kitchen in Kupchino

Updating the kitchen and replacing the countertop in the Frunzensky district is the most popular service among the masters of our repair company, today most housewives are thinking about updating the old kitchen furniture.

There comes a time when the surface of an old chipboard countertop in plastic becomes unusable or just gets bored, and what to do in this case?

1) Replacing a chipboard kitchen countertop with a similar one: it will simply solve this problem.

2) You can replace the fronts of kitchen furniture, add a cabinet for a washing machine or a dishwasher, which will complement your kitchen, or remake an existing cabinet for appliances.

3) Put swinging or marble tiles instead of the old apron.

4) Replace the old plastic chipboard worktop with an artificial stone worktop.

And your kitchen will be like new, delighting you for a long time!

Replacing the kitchen countertop is a service that has long been successfully provided by the craftsmen by our furniture company in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The countertop of the kitchen set is the most used part of the kitchen, which is constantly exposed to heat from hot dishes, to the effects of chemicals during washing, all kinds of cuts and friction with different dishes when cooking. Usually there comes a time when the old countertop loses its appearance and integrity, then it is necessary to replace the countertop, but sometimes the countertop quickly deteriorates and due to the fault of illiterate kitchen installers ... but that's another story.
Replacing a kitchen countertop includes a list of necessary steps:

1) Leave a request through the postal form on the website, or through a convenient messenger for you.

2) Call a specialist measurer, he arrives without fail with a color catalog of real samples of the plastic coating of canvas and countertops made of artificial stone.

3) When you decide on the material and color, the cost of work with materials is calculated.

4) If everything suits you, then a contract is concluded and an advance payment of 50% of the cost of the service with materials is made.

5) Your request to replace the kitchen countertop will be completed on time or by agreement.

All work is carried out at the agreed time, so that it is convenient for you and us.

When replacing a chipboard kitchen countertop with an artificial stone countertop, the bodies of the lower kitchen cabinets are added or redone. Elements are installed that are not enough for high-quality installation of a heavy tabletop. Replacing the old chipboard countertop with a similar one, the new countertop is placed on the old fixture, cutouts are made for old or new equipment and a sink. If you wish, you can remodel kitchen cabinets or add new ones, for example, for a built-in microwave oven or oven, for a washing machine and a dishwasher.

We decided to buy a kitchen countertop on our own, pay main attention to the material and coating from which it was made, since it is the quality of the materials and the competent installation of the countertop that directly depends on how long its service life will be. A kitchen worktop made of high-quality material should cope perfectly with any external influences: for example, hot dishes, hot oil and water on the surface, cleaning the canvas with chemistry, high humidity, etc.

Replacing the countertop in the kitchen in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the price will fit any of your query in the search engine: replacing the countertop is cheap, replacing the countertop is average, we can replace the countertop and is expensive.

All work is carried out by professional craftsmen with extensive experience in the installation and manufacture of kitchen furniture, the replacement of the kitchen countertop is made on a turnkey basis, the agreed cost with the master without hidden extra charges.

On the website of our partner, there is a huge assortment of color palette of kitchen countertops made of chipboard in plastic and artificial stone, from which you can easily choose a countertop to your taste, which is ideal for the design of your kitchen and the style of the kitchen space where you spend most of your family's time.

Professional installation of a new countertop in the kitchen will not only give it a new style, and in addition to a fresh appearance, but also at the price of replacing the countertop and upgrading the set will be much lower than the cost of a new kitchen set.

Work on replacing countertops in the kitchen includes the following steps:

1) Disconnecting all fasteners and dismantling the old tabletop. Dismantling means disconnecting the oven, hob, sink, turning off the water supply, electricity and other communications used in the kitchen and household appliances such as a disposer, water purifier, automatic coffee machine, etc.;

2) Installation of a new countertop, includes the connection of previously disconnected communications, electrical appliances, an oven, a hob, a sink and water supply. Installing a new tabletop means new cutouts and sealing of the ends and all joints. Holes for sink and hob are made on site. This stage is necessary in this stage due to the fact that the kitchen worktops produced by the manufacturer have standard sizes and shapes, therefore, specialists will adjust the cutouts and non-standard cuts to the size and design of your kitchen on site.

In our company, you can not only order a replacement countertop, but also use the service of updating kitchen furniture and its upgrade. Additionally, we will replace the wall panel (apron), as well as install roof rails, additional sockets, lamps, replace fittings and various lifting and retractable mechanisms, etc.

You can ask all your questions about replacing countertops (cost, terms of order fulfillment, available assortment) by writing to us at the e-mail address indicated on the website in the contacts section, or by calling 8 (812) 980-36-42.

You can also, in our company, not only update your kitchen by changing the table top and apron, but also repair the wardrobe or order new furniture. Our company performs the service of replacing the table top, the turnkey price is calculated by the master on the measurement.


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