Installation of drywall to the ceiling

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Important and certainly quite a difficult question that arises in the course of repair - Installation of drywall to the ceiling. Professionals advise before installation of the ceiling raschertit plan on a piece of paper, so you do not make mistakes and know exactly how much what materials you will need. After preparing the main components of the framework for gipokartonnoy design, you can start its installation.

First you need to mark the location of the metal guide profiles on the ceiling and secure plugs every 400-500 millimeters. Then they mark the site of attachment of the metal profile. Retreating from wall 200 millimeters in order to avoid the thin edge of plasterboard, metal profiles mark up position at a distance of 300 mm from each other. Try to calculate all the way to the last sheet of drywall has a width of not less than 200 millimeters.

The next step when installing drywall on the ceiling - this mount metal hangers. To do this, examples of profiles to guide the marked earlier positions, set plumb lines or prokidyval vertical laser level and drill holes for suspensions. When suspensions are mounted in the ceiling, you can start to fix itself and metal profile rails.

Installation of drywall on the walls - a simple process, if one is installed on the wall evenly and gently metal frame. Attaching the metal frame on the wall can be done less frequently than on the ceiling. That is why, it is worth worth using laser levels to align the metal profile on them. All the elements are held together by metal frame using the screwdriver and screws, or klepochnika. Optional connections do often, because all additional rigidity metal drywall give it like a conventional freestanding closet coupe - diagonal and body rigidity cabinet holds through hardboard, you need to pay attention only to the nodal locations.

Collecting metal frame entirely, you can install plasterboard in the kitchen. To begin, cut the edge of the first sheet of drywall to a corner there was a thin edge. Cut sheets of drywall is very simple. Enough, resting flat solid object from the bottom, the top layer of cardboard cut with a knife, and then abruptly break in half sheet of plasterboard in the incision site. A knife then cut the bottom cardboard layer. Thus, you get a very smooth and accurate cut.

Actually, fastening sheets of drywall to the ceiling on the frame is carried out using all the same screws. Carefully choose the place for them not to accidentally break the edge or corner and everything will be fine. Should twist so that the cap screw provided ducked 1-2 millimeters. After installing all the plasterboard sheets, must be strengthened seams special Reinforcement tape and all your ceiling plasterboard ready for spackling.

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