PVC windows

PVC windows Rehau, Proplex, KBE

 Many of our customers are very interested in the comparative characteristics of various plastic windows. And rightly so, because everyone interested to know what these profiles differ from each other and a better quality?
Today the market of St. Petersburg appeared quite a lot of new core Windows system, here and plastic windows Proplex, Rehau, KBE. We'll try to find out what the difference between them.
For a start it is worth noting that over the years of our work specialists of the company came to the conclusion that all these profile systems have earned a great reputation both in quality and appearance. Therefore, when buying plastic windows, you can not pay attention to their brand, it is best to pay attention by manufacturers of windows and their installation, because they are responsible for the quality of its products and the durability of the use of windows.

Plastic windows Proplex - is a first-class brand of PVC - profile, which was produced in Russia by Austrian technology. Company «LenService» delivers three profile systems windows Proplex - three-compartment Proplex - Optima, five-chamber Proplex - Premium and Proplex - Lux, profile - 127 mm wide frame. which is great for large windows.

Windows made of metal Rehau - great products, the German company Rehau. They can be made in several different ways, each of which can come to your taste: plastic windows Rehau - Blitz, the most economical option. Rehau profile Sib-Design, distinguishes this from other tpov profile - the presence of the fuser. Windows Rehau - Delight-Design rectangular, this five-chamber profile allows more light, almost 10%. Profile Rehau Delight-Design figured, there are five-chamber and four-relief profiles and glazing beads Brilliant-Design, five-chamber profile of their elite rounded shape gives the construction window mouthwatering exquisite style and solidity.

Plastic windows KBE - these profiles can also be made in different ways: Object - chamber profile, convenient economical model, Expert - is five-chamber profile with enhanced insulation. Plastic windows KBE - Etalon. This versatile system is distinguished by a rich opportunity. And they have quite a large range of applications for apartments and industrial buildings.
As you can see quite a lot of window systems, and you face the difficult task to choose one of them. To avoid mistakes and make the right choice, you should consult with the managers of the company "LenServis", they are for everyone who wants to pick up the ideal model that will fit your home or office for all parameters.
But, be sure to remember that manufacturers necessarily have to be in possession of a license and the required certificates. Our company gives a guarantee of 10 years or more, and the design of the windows, and installation of plastic windows.
It is very convenient when you can rely on reliable manufacturers and installers of PVC windows.

The company "LenServis" not only produces plastic windows, but also provides:
• repair of PVC windows
• adjustment of plastic windows
• replacement of fittings of metal structures
• Replacement of broken glass unit

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