Selection of wallpaper for furniture

How to choose wallpaper for the color of finished furniture

Wallpaper in the room is an interior background, which affects the general idea of ​​the perception of the atmosphere in the room. They not only bring their own design shade, but sometimes they spread their own decorative shade to other objects in the room.

Therefore, when choosing a wallpaper, it is important to focus on the existing environment, the main place in which furniture is occupied.

Wallpaper and furniture - how to combine?

In order not to lose the combination of wallpaper with furniture, you should focus on the basic rules of color combination. You can correctly figure out how to choose a wallpaper for the color of the furniture, taking into account suitable shades. For example, for light-colored furniture, it is not recommended to select wallpapers in bright or dark colors. And vice versa, if the living room is a cupboard or sofa set in dark color, it makes sense to prefer the design of the walls with noble and solid dark tones. Brown decoration is also combined with blue, beige, gray and orange wallpapers.

Light yellow pieces of furniture are naturally complemented by pink, green, brown, pistachio and orange wallpaper. For the red array, it is recommended to prefer the fawn, golden and blue cladding. Sometimes, for a greater design effect, fabrics in furniture are distinguished by a contrasting pattern. In this case, it is advisable to prefer wallpaper with a subtle or uniform design - they can be done in colors in cream, beige or gray-blue shades. Conversely, designers recommend choosing furniture to match the color of the wallpaper based on the principles of similarity of the decorative effect.

Borders made in the form of strips of paper with a printed pattern are often used as edging. In rooms with ceilings of 2.6-3 m, such a curb is more modest, the width is not more than 20-40 mm. If you use a plain border and the type of grid, you can choose the wallpaper of the same color, but with a brighter pattern. For example, wallpaper made in golden yellow, you can draw a narrow border of warm-brown hue.

Wallpaper that changes the appearance of furniture

Any furniture becomes outdated, this process is inevitable. Wallpaper will help to freshen its appearance, giving a new decorative effect. You can determine how to choose wallpaper for the color of furniture using original methods. Mostly this method relates to restoration work and consists in restoring the structure and upholstery of sofas, chairs, tables and other aging objects that have lost their former black appearance.

Wallpaper for furniture decoration is always prepared with a certain margin, and the excess can be cut and thrown away when the application is finished, and the composition dries. Pasting, for example, a crib with a large headboard, it is worth using a canvas with original drawings. In the case of a dilapidated chest of drawers, it can be transformed into a luxurious interior accessory with the help of “leather” wallpapers or turned into an unusual abstract masterpiece, decorated with various patterns. You can also expand the functionality of some pieces of furniture.

Wallpaper Preparsed

The topic discussed above can be logically continued, providing another option for combining furniture and wallpaper Preparsed. This variety is distinguished by the presence of a surface already treated with an adhesive composition. Before use, the canvas must be kept in warm water for half a minute. If the wall decoration already exists, it is recommended to choose furniture for the color of the wallpaper.

The wall panel can be decorated in Japanese design. In this way, frameworks are made of wood planks and create two vertical slats at the same distance. Two slats can be nailed from the wrong side. Next, you need to paint the frame with a special decorative paint and stick small pieces of wallpaper on the window.

In the study you can organize a stand for a coffee table and draw contours of the sides for wallpaper. Next, gently turn the table from one side to the other, cut the workpiece tight and make a pattern with a stand. At the final stage, you need to trim the material with a special knife. When processing the cabinet, it is recommended to find out how to choose wallpaper for the color of furniture with an original shade.

The next trick is to organize a stylish lampshade. To do this, you need to spread the canvas on a smooth surface from the back side up and install the lampshade, rolling it around the wallpaper and encircling the edges with a pencil. The formed pattern should be glued to the lampshade on an adhesive basis.

Unusual design can be obtained using a large clock with hands. The clock needs to be put, even with the wallpaper and the contours of the dial, then you need to cut the circle and use the glue to put the dial on the old coating. Next, you need to install the glass and arrows.

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