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Replacing countertops for the kitchen

Leningrad repair company LENSERVICE branch of the furniture company Art Design has been successfully represented on the market of repair services in St. Petersburg for many years. We offer our customers only the highest quality kitchen worktops from well-known manufacturers, materials for their manufacture, as well as accessories. We will help you transform, modernize kitchen furniture, replace countertops, facades and aprons.
It is possible to order the service of replacing high-quality worktops from a wide variety of materials from both foreign and Russian manufacturers. In addition, we will dismantle the old countertops and built-in appliances, with subsequent installation, cut holes for the sink or hob, round the corners, make a euro saw, dismantle the worn sink and install and connect new appliances.

How we are working:
• Call a specialist by phone or WhatsApp
• Conclusion of an advance payment for materials
• Dismantling and installation work
• Result

Our countertop replacement services
The price of each of our repair services is indicated in the price list. You can also make a preliminary calculation of the cost of work, by the phone number listed on the company's website.
Carrying out a cut of the working surface, we take into account the wishes of our customers, we perform high-precision cutting of the blade for the kitchen room, while guaranteeing high quality cutting - no chips, unevenness, roughness. This service can be ordered for home installation. For this, we have all the necessary tools. After cutting the countertops, we cover the sections and ends with an edge or sealant.
One of the most popular services is replacing the old with a new countertop. An integrated approach is important here. We check the condition of the kitchen floor modules, countertop mounts. We turn off all communications (electric, gas, water supply), remove the sink and hob. We carry out all work with great care, without violating the integrity of the frame of the kitchen unit, and without damaging the floor modules and built-in appliances.
Our experts perform all turnkey work: dismantling and installing countertops, installing and replacing built-in household appliances, sinks, faucets, and connecting them.
Call our specialist at any time! He will acquaint you with samples of materials and accessories, because the photos on the site and in reality may not coincide.
Installing a new countertop and apron requires a perfectly horizontal surface. It must be cleaned of residual sealant, old glue, and dirt. The joints, seams, butts when installing a new countertop are carefully sealed. We install aprons and countertops of various shapes and configurations - angular, radius, U-shaped, T-shaped, and we connect their parts in different ways (connecting strips, euro saws).
An important stage in the installation of a new countertop is the cutouts for the sink and hob. This work requires accuracy and skill, since chips can form during cuts, which can ruin the stove. The resulting holes are subject to thorough waterproofing and sealing in order to protect the countertops from moisture and high temperatures.

Quality for years

Right on time
Production and installation are carried out strictly according to the contract, without delays.
Materials, accessories and components
Used the highest quality, from leading manufacturers.
Company employees
Only highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the furniture industry and in the installation of kitchen sets.
Upscale Equipment
All repairs are carried out only by a professional tool.

Round tables and countertops with rounded corners - radiused countertops - have become increasingly popular. Such a work surface will originally complement the kitchen set, add space to the kitchen. We will perform this service according to your wishes and give the countertop an oval, round, symmetrical, asymmetric shape. The execution of the radius on the work surface is available at home, but our craftsmen make at the production of our furniture company.
For the purpose of invisible connection of all parts of the new countertop, an euro-saw is made. It allows you to make the docking of elements visually invisible, does not allow dirt to collect at the joints, gives an aesthetic completeness to the work surface.
Important! If you have chosen the type, the new countertop will take its place in the kitchen within one business day. On custom versions of countertops, or countertops made of artificial stone, it takes several days.
The listed services are carried out in the complex of the general service "turnkey". When ordering such a service, you automatically become a participant in the action - free dismantling of worn countertops, installation of a hob, sink and mixer, oven!
We do not make tabletops from laminated chipboard !!! Such products will not last a long time.
Replacing countertops with artificial stone - practical and convenient
The kitchen will become stylish and modern if you install a countertop made of artificial stone. For the manufacture of countertops made of artificial stone, we work with the best manufacturers.
Important advantages of artificial stone are one hundred percent environmental friendliness and hygiene, since plastic has no pores, high endurance to food acids and sunlight, long preservation of the original color, ease of care, more than two hundred shades of color.
Cooperation with a repair company is profitable, prestigious, simple and convenient, installation and replacement of kitchen coverings is our profile. We have rich experience in replacing countertops, high professionalism, equipped with the most modern equipment and power tools. We try to keep up to date: for our customers all the newest and the best. And pricing is clear, transparent and liberal.
Need to change the countertop? Call: 987-36-42 from 10.00-22.00

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