Furniture repair and production

Repair of furniture from the furniture workshop "Lenservice" in St. Petersburg, MSK and NN

Modern cabinet furniture is represented by a wide range of models that are designed to make our lives easier, more convenient and more comfortable. Like everything else, over time, the cabinet furniture loses its beauty and functionality, to restore its original qualities and functionality to it, you can contact the Lenservis furniture repair shop - our craftsmen will repair the furniture for you in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod on most favorable terms. All repairs are carried out by professional furniture makers in full compliance with the standards and technological process.

Repair of furniture

Cabinet furniture - an integral part of the interior in the house, apartment and office. It helps to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in our house, and when ordering furniture for an individual project, you embody your ideas and vision of the perfect interior in it. Often furniture in the apartment can tell a lot about their owners - their interests, lifestyle and preferences. Traces of the marker on the closet compartment report on the young artist's bygone fantasies, disheveled rattan or bamboo canvases - about the times when the dog that had already grown was a playful puppy. A crooked coffee table and traces of the Turks on it ... surely someone loved to spend the evenings drinking coffee ... - custom-made furniture is not just the furniture in the house or office, but a real keeper of memories.

Over time, the furniture tends to break down, accessories and mechanisms wear out, the LDSP and MDF canvas burns out into direct solar ones, and the frame elements break down. Directions in design and styles change, comfortable fittings appear, beautiful slab materials and furniture decorative elements are made. Many customers want to update the furniture, make it more modern and functional. But what if the quality of furniture and it is difficult to part with it? You can restore the furniture, update or redo it. Contact the furniture repair shop "Lenservis". We will professionally repair any furnishing items in your home, apartment, hotel, shop or office. You can order services from us:

    wardrobe repair
    repair of furniture;
    replacement of a broken mirror;
    replacement of rollers and guides;
    furniture modernization;
    furniture alteration;
    built-in furniture;
    frame reinforcement;
    manufacture of furniture to order.

Our craftsmen perform repair and restoration work of various levels of complexity, taking into account all customer requirements. With the exception of restoration work, such as:

    surface restoration;
    gluing furniture parts;
    repair of stools and chairs;
    gluing PVC to kitchen facades;
    restoration of antique furniture;
    coating of scratches and chips;
    gluing buffer tape;

and other similar works in which it is easier to buy new furniture, or to replace facade elements. Everything else furniture restoration - painstaking and expensive work that requires a lot of time and money, and it does not apply to the repair of furniture.

Examples of furniture repair and furniture manufacturing on individual projects can be found on our furniture production site and in the repair shop service catalog.
Furniture workshop "Lenservice" - we give a new life to your broken furniture

Since 2000, our furniture company Art-Design has been working, and in parallel, the direction of repair services with the name "Lenservice" has been formed. Repair furniture workshop specializes in the assembly and installation of furniture, the repair and alteration of furniture, both Russian-made and imported. For help from our professional masters, residents of cities, private companies and government agencies in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod turn. Our furniture specialists have real experience in furniture production and in the provision of repair and installation services. They know literally everything about the manufacture and repair of furniture: from the designs of furniture and accessories from imported manufacturers in Italy, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, to all the subtleties of the production processes from detailing and cutting, to assembly and installation of the product. Our masters are always confident in the high quality of repair and restoration work, are not afraid of the difficult tasks associated with the alteration and modernization of furniture, and are proud of their work. The company's team has not changed since 2000 - this indicates the quality of work of each specialist. On the Internet resource of the furniture workshop there are many photos of examples of our repair work and the requests of our customers.

How is the repair. First option. You call, talk about breakdowns (if this is a replacement for some fittings or rollers of the wardrobe compartment, it is better to send a photo on WhatsApp), the master arrives soon or convenient for you and repairs everything. If this is some kind of global furniture repair: alteration, size reduction, replacement of a broken mirror or glass, replacement of a tabletop or facades in the kitchen, then first we suggest calling our expert for inspecting furniture breakdowns, determining the scope of work and cost. You can sign a contract, choose materials, types of tabletops, mirrors or drawings with a master at a place. You do not need to specifically go to the workshop. Our master will offer the best options for replacing, repairing or restoring and reworking furniture according to your wishes and financial possibilities. Among the variety of options for mirrors and glass with drawings or art toning, materials for interior inserts in the door of the coupe, types of countertops, etc. You will surely find a suitable option. These can be: single-layered chipboard materials or under wood textures, glass and mirrors decorated with ornaments made of paints and color films or sandblasting compositions, table tops of various textures and compositions, compartment doors with eco-leather, plastic, real wood veneer, bamboo .

Furniture repair is easier to do on the spot, custom options, large mirrors in the furniture workshop. It all depends on the duration and complexity of the repair work, the features of the used fittings and materials. If necessary, we independently disassemble and deliver parts of the furniture, compartment doors to the repair shop and back to the address. The production room of the furniture workshop is equipped with everything necessary for carrying out prompt and high-quality repair of furniture, including the manufacture of custom-made furniture.

You can call the designer to order the furniture or a specialist in repair at any time convenient for you from 10.00-22.00 by phone:

8 (905) 259-29-08 from 10-22 o'clock St. Petersburg
8 (929) 604-16-50 from 10-22 o'clock Moscow
8 (908) 726-06-64 from 10-22 hours Nizhny Novgorod

or just leave a request via email in the contact section.
Also, if you visited our website at night, you can submit a request for furniture repair around the clock through WhatsApp or Viber messengers

Furniture workshop "Lenservis" - we will take care of your furniture and easily return to it the original quality and functionality.

"Lenservice" in St. Petersburg

We are furniture manufacturers, and like no one else we know that modern furniture presented by a wide range of models on various furniture sites, which is designed to make our life easier and more comfortable, tends to break down. Like all other interior items, over time, the furniture loses its functionality and appearance, to return it to its original state, you can contact the furniture workshop "Lenservis" - we will repair for you any cabinet furniture in a short time and at the most favorable conditions. All repairs are carried out in full compliance with the process and using only original fittings with a long warranty. For the replacement and installation of components purchased by you, we can not give a guarantee.
List of repair services available in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod

In any comfortable office or home there is no place for a damaged wardrobe or an outdated kitchen, so you should use the repair service for wardrobes, sliding partitions, sliding interior doors, dressers, shelves, children's furniture, furniture in offices and hotels, and other furniture in the three capitals of Russia. An extensive list of repair services is available to our customers: replacement of inactive lifting mechanisms, carpentry and carpentry work, replacement of compartment mechanisms and transformation, replacement of moving mechanisms of guide boxes, pantographs, renovation and production of furniture, etc. Turning to us for the repair of the closet compartment or renovation and repair of kitchen units, you can easily return the old furniture for another 10-15 years of life and the former attractiveness and functionality that were when buying furniture.

Frequent reasons for repairing furniture

Renovation and repairs may be required if:

    broke down shelf or horizon of laminated chipboard, which can not be repaired without replacement;
    furniture frame is damaged due to water leakage and cannot be restored;
    damaged worktop cover;
    slipped the roof of the closet with a hinged or hanging system;
    accessories, retractable or lifting mechanisms of furniture are worn out;
    You want to update or improve the sliding system of the wardrobe;
    broken mirror or glass in the closet or closet compartment;
    the coupe door rollers were broken or worn out;
    wish to redo or reduce the design of furniture.

Repair of furniture - quality materials and components

Such a procedure as the repair of cabinet furniture does not imply the restoration of furniture, since the laminated chipboard plates are not restored and the fittings are not repaired, but the replacement of broken parts and mechanisms of furniture. Replacing the frame or facades can be either complete or partial. It is also worth noting that the update and replacement of parts is the easiest way to repair furniture, because with its help you can fully restore the functionality and aesthetic quality of furniture. In the process of repairing cabinet furniture, our craftsmen use proven and reliable fasteners, materials and fittings, as in the production of furniture.

Repair of cabinets includes not only the replacement of rollers and guides, but also the repair of all failed parts, including the replacement of old internal mechanisms, frame parts, buffer tape, the replacement of drawers and baskets, reinforcement of the cabinet frame, alteration or change in size. We take a very responsible approach to replacing the defective serious expensive elements of the Italian wardrobes, replacing the mirrors, so we will order them specifically for your wardrobe.

Only high-quality materials, original mechanisms and accessories are used for repairs. But, if you have such an opportunity, you can buy components yourself according to the parameters specified by our master.

Features of the ordering of furniture and its repair

Turning to our company, you can order a furniture designer’s visit and a home repair specialist to order new furniture or assess the condition of furniture breakdowns, select the best options for materials, rebuild and calculate the cost right in your home! You will be able to evaluate the samples of materials on the spot and choose their color, type and texture so that they perfectly match your furnishing and interior.

If you wish to order furniture according to an individual project and you are inspired by stylish, fashionable and unusual solutions - look at the catalog of furniture made in our production. Each furniture order is a unique process that generates beautiful and practical furniture made just for you.

Renovation and alteration of furniture is not just an improvement of outdated items of interior furnishing, but the creation of something new that will strictly correspond to your ideas about beauty.

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