Repair of silencers in St. Petersburg

Car service Repair of silencers SPb is the oldest service center for maintenance and high-quality repair of silencers!

Service Center "Repair of silencers St. Petersburg" since 2000, produces diagnostics and repair of silencers in St. Petersburg. Professional craftsmen quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, inexpensively, will repair the exhaust system in all cars, SUVs and minibuses, both Russian and foreign, including Japanese and English right-hand drive cars. We also carry out computer diagnostics of the exhaust system of the car, replacing the catalyst with a flame arrester, replacing the diesel particulate filter, and professional welding.

The low quality of gasoline, salt and reagents on the roads, as well as the weather factors of our strip (humidity, frost, sudden temperature changes) lead to breakage of silencers and other parts of the exhaust system of the car. If you are faced with the need to repair the muffler, in no case do not delay with this, call our auto service at (812) 997-25-65 or come to us at Ekaterininsky 5. Remember that repairing the running muffler will cost a much larger amount .

Our specialists have extensive experience in repairing mufflers and have been working in the Repair of mufflers in St. Petersburg since its inception. We have in stock a full range of exhaust system parts from well-known European manufacturers, which allows you to quickly make repairs without burdening the customer with an independent search and purchase of the necessary elements of the exhaust system. Our car service is also equipped with a pipe bender in case the original part for your car is missing.

The daily work schedule, including weekends and holidays, a long-term guarantee, high-quality and quick repair, as well as really affordable prices, makes the car service the repair of silencers in St. Petersburg the most convenient and attractive for solving problems with the exhaust system.

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