Repair of kitchen

Repair of kitchen

In most apartments do not have a separate dining room, hence, cooking and the use of already cooked food takes place in the kitchen. In the kitchen all the morning before going to work, and in the evening after dinner for all cases; in the kitchen drinking tea with friends, discussing the world's problems, etc. Often the kitchen serves as an office. The hostess in the kitchen holds nearly half of the day. Because of all above listed, renovated kitchen will be a very demanding exercise that meets the highest demands. After all, the end result is kitchen design should evoke positive emotions and keep them all day.

Where to start - with the removal of old coatings and furniture removal?

All of this later. Main, where to start - it's measurements, calculations and preparation kitchen renovation project. Measure and just themselves, but for the drafting should turn to professionals for the repair of the premises or the repair of kitchen furniture. All the space in the kitchen has to obey the laws of ergonomics. And they should not be output by trial and error. The project, drawn up by experts, will accurately calculate the necessary amount of material and all repair costs.
It should be up to the start of work to choose finishing materials, to make their payment. Kitchen artery of our lives, so we can not proceed with the repairs.
Estimates amounted easy. Cheated surface area (paint, tile, wallpaper), and length (for moldings, wires, borders, etc.). To compare prices and quality of selected materials, please consult with your friends who have recently made repairs, flip through websites and forums on the Internet. Sellers DIY stores in the number of consultants it is better not to include, as their main task - to profitably sell goods. In calculating the estimates should take into account the average cost of building materials in your area. Also, since the amount of calculation to be increased somewhere in the 15 - 20%. Renovated kitchen with his hands dealing unpredictable can always need an extra bag of cement or a roll of wallpaper, here is enter their shipping costs.
Materials and work necessary for the repair of the kitchen:
after removal of old floor coverings, ceiling, and walls should be leveled and prepared for finishing. What is the ceiling and walls plastered or shpaklyuyut (can be used hanging or suspended ceiling), floor by using concrete ties are aligned;
finishing works include painting the ceiling and walls, laying tiles, wallpapering. You can combine the use of materials, which will be divided into functional kitchen area. Best of all finishing materials should not absorb moisture and fat, must be durable, paint and wallpaper preferably washable and tiles - glazed;
and, the most crucial and difficult phase - installation of electrical wiring, switches, sockets, lighting fixtures. It is advisable to trust the professionals. After all, you want to load on the grid calculation and selection of the cable cross section, and this requires some knowledge.
Color solution should be harmonious and not cause irritation in others at the same time. White allows visually expand the space, add light and air. It is important not to "overdo it" with white, that there was no operating sensations. Well look white facades with linings made of wood, painted in black color. You can use the countertop of the same hue. Although very fond black is not necessary. Remember, skillfully selected colors will add respectability to your kitchen. Grey, purple and brown colors have on the psyche of the inhibitory effect. Blue and cyan, may cause low blood pressure. Preferably use shades of orange and yellow, as they are the colors of the sun, joy and warmth. Most importantly, remember that the color of the interior must not weary hostess and oppress psyche households.
An important kitchen is well-lit work surfaces. This is achieved by installing a small lighting fixtures mounted at the bottom of cabinets or wall. Visually increase the height of the kitchen space and will expand the lamps, mounted around the perimeter of the ceiling in the niches. Beautiful shade on a long cord is well positioned on the dining table.
Thus, repair and finishing dishes - a troublesome thing, which requires patience, skill, and responsibility. When repairing the home still has some operations are best left to the professionals. This compilation of project documentation, electrical wiring, gas equipment connection, inset into the sewer and water system. Making renovated kitchen with his hands, we save on labor force. But we can easily make a mistake in the procurement of building materials and in the preparation of calculations. So if there is any uncertainty in their abilities and powers, better to turn to professionals for advice at least.

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