Repair of apartments

Professional apartment renovation

Repair Order Sequence

If you became the happy owner of a new apartment, or you wanted to change the boring interior in an old country house, the main issue is the search for artists to perform work.

First of all, you begin to search for workers. If you decide to order repairs for your apartment, you do not need to look for workers “cheaper”. Cheap is not good. You will have to take on the functions of the superintendent, independently monitor the quality. Thus, the result is unlikely to satisfy. It all starts with the project:

  • Have zones, arrange furniture;
  • Change the color scheme, texture of finishing materials.

Thus, you will achieve your vision for future housing.

Operating procedure

  • We meet at the facility, find mutual understanding, take measurements;
  • We develop a design - a project, embody the ideas of the customer on paper;
  • We make an estimate, agree on technology, payment;
  • The team starts the work of your home until ready "turnkey".


Working with our company, the client never feels cheated. In our calculation you can see volumes and prices per m2. Thanks to this, we can calculate the finish of any apartment in one day. If customers have questions, we are happy to answer them. At the end of work, we give a guarantee of 1-2 years. We can also make furniture for your apartment: kitchen, wardrobes, walk-in closets, children's furniture.

To make a calculation, call 987-36-42

Apartment repair estimate

The estimate includes a list of repair and finishing work in each room of the apartment and the order of prices per unit of measure. The specialist visits the facility and measures the apartment or cottage, after which it makes an estimate, not including the cost of materials.

The estimate is the main annex to the contract for repairs in the apartment.

An additional agreement is concluded between the customer and the company for hidden and other works identified during the finishing process in order to avoid misunderstandings when paying for repairs.

Network engineering

First, we proceed to the most “dirty” work at the facility, to laying utility networks. If we are engaged in a turnkey project, we advise you to purchase materials in large stores and from reputed suppliers. The masters have their own construction tool, and we will carry out installation without problems:

  • Electricians;
  • water supply;
  • Sewerage;

Installation of fixtures and plumbing

The final step will be the installation of lighting and plumbing fixtures. To determine the exact price of repair work, you must take into account the complexity of installation. You can learn more about the cost on the price page.

Dismantling partitions and laying new

If the client plans to redevelop at the beginning of the repair of the apartment, then he will need a design project. If necessary, we will dismantle the existing partitions and start laying new ones from the wall block.

Finishing work

The main thing is the decoration of floors and walls. Masters own the technology of applying various wall coatings and are in the know about all the new products. When finishing, we install the screed, level the floors, make a “warm floor”. Let's make a calculation of the material. As a coating can be any material:

  • Tile;
  • linoleum;
  • Parquet, laminate, cork.

Repair Warranty

We proceed to the repair of a private house or apartment after the approval of the estimate and the signing of an official contract. The contract spells out the types of work performed, terms, cost, and warranty obligations. Only Russian masters with specialized education work in our team, use the necessary tools, comply with SNiP and GOST requirements. At the end of the repair work, we draw up a bilateral act of the services performed.

We give a guarantee for work for a period of 1-2 years, depending on the type!

Warranty covers:

  • Repair and finishing types of work;
  • Electrical wiring, installation of plumbing and heating.

Warranty does not apply in case of:

  • Inadequate repair of the facility by the customer, or by persons involved;
  • Normal wear and tear over time;
  • Inappropriate use of equipment;
  • Fire, flood, thunderstorm;

The customer is solely responsible for the quality of the materials supplied.

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