Repair of the cabinets of the SPB, MSC, NN

repair of sliding-door wardrobes

Private Organization "Furniture repair in St. Petersburg"

+7 (812) 987-36-42
About us

In St. Petersburg there are professional craftsmen who are ready to repair your closet! Just leave a request on our website and within ten minutes you will be contacted to confirm the order for the repair of cabinet furniture. We work without holidays and weekends!

Repair of furniture and custom-made furniture
Quickly Qualitatively Reliable
Replacement of mirrors, glasses in sliding-door wardrobes and other cabinet furniture.
Replacement of countertops, facades in kitchen furniture.
Replacement of rollers, guides, running elements in sliding-door wardrobes.
Replacement of furniture loops and guide boxes.
Repair of the cabinet, and changing the size.
Replacement and adjustment of lifting mechanisms.
Installation of built-in appliances and extracts.

Call 987-36-42 from 10.00 - 22.00

How to apply for repair of wardrobes?

    Welcome to our site make-repair-spb.rf!
    We are engaged in making custom-made furniture and repairing the wardrobes since 2000, so we can confidently state that your furniture will be repaired! Let's see how this happens. The options that you use to contact us:
    Call our phone number +7 (812) 987-36-42 from 10.00-22.00
    Press the button to order the service, and you get to the page where you fill in the return form, name, phone number, address, convenient time of the call and a note indicating the essence of the breakdown of your furniture.
    Another way that exists on our website is to find out the cost of repairing the closet, also click on write in WhatsApp fill out the application and press send directly from your mobile phone. Within 10 minutes we will call you back.
    Also note, in the contacts section there are all phone numbers and e-mail. Operators and masters themselves are always in touch! They are ready to answer all your questions! You can always leave a phone number and we will call you back at a time convenient for you. After communication, you tell me what's broken in the closet.
    In order to make it easier for us to understand each other, we ask leading questions.
    You describe a situation in which the doors of the closet with difficulty move along the guide or they flew. In turn, we are interested in where the doors of the wardrobe are located rollers? The rollers of the cabinet can be located either in the upper part of the door or in the bottom. To define it is simple enough! When we realized the system of the cabinet and what accessories, we also ask to send us photos. As a rule, we are sent three photos of furniture products.
    The first photo is the closet itself.
    The second photo is the lower or upper guide.
    The third photo is the rollers of the closet.
    After receiving the photos, we immediately contact you in a convenient way for you. We voice the cost of repairing furniture (the price of which will not change), the cost of the rollers of sliding-door wardrobes or additional fittings for sliding-door wardrobes, if necessary.
    Are you satisfied with everything? We agree on the meeting!
    If the mirror in the closet is broken or just cracked slightly, there are several options to solve this problem:
    The first option is the most common: the replacement of the mirror in the closet. If it is possible to send a photo of the broken mirror and the dimensions of the closet, then we can say more accurately the cost of replacing the mirror. Pasting the mirror with decorative film, we do not produce, and do not glue the cracks in the mirrors, although this is times cheaper than replacing the broken mirror cabinet.
    If you wish to repair your closet yourself, then simply purchase rollers of sliding-door wardrobes, or other accessories for cabinets that you may need.
    Mirrors without installation in the profile of the wardrobe can also be ordered according to your size and pay on-line! But, we do not recommend an independent assembly of the mirror door.
    The mirror for the wardrobe will be delivered and assembled by our craftsmen within a few hours! Except for replacing the mirror with a picture or painted glass, or glass with art toning, since the manufacture of such a product takes from three to five days.

Repair of sliding-door wardrobes 1500 rub. (full price for services, see below).

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