Repair, assembly and production of furniture

Repair of sliding wardrobes and any cabinet furniture at home

We offer our many years of experience related to the production and repair of furniture, ensuring quality repair work in accordance with all customer requirements as soon as possible.

Repair of cabinets coupe, upholstering of upholstered furniture, repair of cabinet furniture, strengthening of children's furniture, replacement of mirrors, furniture alteration, modernization of old furniture, replacement of mechanisms and furniture accessories, repair of loops of cabinets of built-in refrigerators, installation of furniture handles, replacement of doors, repair of tables, replacement of lifting mechanisms and drawers. We will repair the furniture - Quickly. Qualitatively. Reliably

Furniture repair

It is very important when in the house where we spend a large amount of time, coziness is created and all the pieces of furniture are not only beautiful, not broken and fulfill their functions. Unfortunately, the furniture in your house is not eternal, even high-quality furniture, it fails, breaks, loses its appearance and ceases to please.

In this case, most likely, everyone is thinking about buying a new kitchen unit or wardrobe compartment. But our experts in St. Petersburg offer you cheap to perform high-quality and fast repair of broken furniture. At the same time, the appearance will not only suffer, it can be updated in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Why choose Lenservice?

All repair work is performed by experienced high-class furniture makers. We solve the task individually. The master, before the visit, will advise on what accessories you need to have on hand, and if necessary - purchase all the necessary components by yourself! We are responsible for the quality and efficiency of all repair services provided. We work clearly and responsibly: your call - the visit of the master - the reception of work!

The interior of the apartment can become more modern, and the functional characteristics of the interior furnishing items will not lose their qualities at all if you assign the repair of furniture to a private craftsman who has all the required professional skills not only in furniture repair, but also in furniture manufacturing.

Contact our masters and call home can be carried out by phone for a preliminary discussion of the conditions of repair and the customer's wishes. Furniture repair masters are creative in their work, they can offer several options - either replacing fittings, updating or modernizing, or making new furniture. It is advisable to globally redo or repair kitchen furniture or replace a mirror in a closet compartment, of course, in the SPb furniture workshop. But if the customer’s plans do not include the removal of furniture from an apartment or office, it is possible to carry out the work on the spot.

If there are small children or animals in the house, then traces of their hooliganism and mischief invariably remain on many pieces of furniture. Minor scratches, painted doors, rattan rattled canvas of the compartment cabinet doors can be put in order by contacting us via any messenger around the clock, or by calling from 10.00-22.00.

8 (905) 259-29-08 from 10-22 o'clock St. Petersburg
8 (929) 604-16-50 from 10-22 o'clock Moscow
8 (908) 726-06-64 from 10-22 o'clock Nizhny Novgorod

Moreover, minor repair of furniture will please the customer not only with the prompt arrival of the master and the speed of repair, but also with low prices.

The master furniture maker of Lenservice provides a range of services for the repair of furniture at home or in the office. The list of works includes the repair of buildings; replacement of facades and countertops; replacement of rollers and sliding wardrobes; replacement of loops of accessories of lifting and sliding mechanisms, modernization and production of furniture and other repair services.

Having addressed our masters to furniture makers, you will not lose. After a high-quality repair, your furniture will not only serve you for a long time, as its resource increases like that of a new furniture, but it will also perfectly fit into the updated furnishing of the room.

Furniture assembly

In addition to the repair of furniture, our craftsmen provide services for the assembly and installation of furniture. Assembly and disassembly of furniture when moving or relocating; assembly of cabinet and upholstered furniture; assembling kitchen sets; assembling bedroom furniture; assembly of cabinets coupe, stand-alone cabinets and built-in cabinets; assembly of hallways and children's furniture; assembly of commercial equipment, office and hotel furniture. We will assemble furniture - quickly, efficiently, reliably.
Furniture assembly in St. Petersburg, MSK, NN

Modern apartment can not be imagined without furniture. Tables, chairs, kitchen sets, wardrobes of various designs require competent assembly of furniture. Furniture assembly, and in particular Ikea furniture, is a rather complicated task and requires certain knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is recommended in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod to turn to highly qualified specialists who possess these same skills in perfection, who know not only how to tighten the conference, but also the technology of making furniture.

The assembly of various types of furniture can be done by calling the house masters who perform services for this type of work provided by our specialists. They in the shortest possible time and cheaply carry out the correct and high-quality assembly and installation of new furniture, which may consist of many different fittings and parts of various shapes.

The Furniture Assembly service in the Lenservice repair furniture workshop includes many different works with furniture. These are repair and assembly of such types of furniture as cabinet, kitchen, wardrobes, office, children’s, hotel, commercial equipment. The quality of installation and low cost, our furniture makers guarantee.

A professional private master will perform the assembly and installation of furniture, spending a little time for this, and at low prices. In the arsenal of the masters of our company - a specialized professional power tools and extensive experience in this profile. If you ordered built-in furniture, our masters will cope with its installation. Professional furniture assemblers will quickly sort out any assembly scheme, even Ikeevskaya, take into account all the wishes of the customer, and assemble the furniture, even if there is no diagram and instruction.

Lifting mechanisms and drawers of the Austrian manufacturer BLUM; swivel structures and magic corners, various mesh compartments for storing things and small items of the Italian company VIBO will not be difficult to assemble if professionals in their work take up the task. Works on the assembly and installation of furniture of any complexity are performed at any convenient time.

Our professional craftsmen, who have proven themselves in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod only from the positive side, guarantee you build quality and long-term use of furniture for their intended purpose.
Repair of sliding wardrobes

During operation, the aesthetic and functional qualities of the sliding wardrobe and its sliding doors may be lost. Over time, the coupe's cabinet guides wear out and deform. Cracks appear on the rollers, or they are erased, or fall apart, which prevents the coupe's doors from being used. Due to the fact that the cabinet doors often move, with worn rollers on the rails appear damage. Pets often foul the bottom track and spoil the rattan and bamboo inserts in the doorway.

What is included in the repair wardrobe compartment?

Professionals of our company provide a full range of services to restore the functionality of cabinets coupe, sliding interior doors and sliding partitions:

    cabinet frame repair
    modernization of the structure
    replacement of the supporting roller mechanism
    replacement of mounted and suspended rollers
    track alignment or its replacement
    replacement of a broken mirror or glass
    sliding system change

The advantage of working with us is having our own wholesale base of furniture fittings and components, sheet materials and accessories. This allows our company to provide customers with affordable prices for all repair services, furniture assembly and custom-made furniture for custom-made furniture. We guarantee the promptness of repairing cabinets coupe and other furniture, from an hour with insignificant breakdowns, up to five days when replacing custom items: mirrors, countertops, glass with processing and expensive fittings.

Technological process of repair cabinets coupe

You call and the master comes to you within an hour, or at any time and day that is convenient for you. Our masters use the latest equipment that allows you to perform repair work at home and in the office of the customer. Thanks to the professional skills of the craftsmen and experience in the manufacture of wardrobes, minor breakdowns of the wardrobe are eliminated on the spot, there is no need to dismantle the wardrobe and deliver it to the furniture workshop.

A full list of services for the restoration of cabinets coupe, sliding interior doors and sliding partitions:

    Replacing the roller mechanism
    Repair and repair of mechanical damage
    Replacing internal worn or broken frame members
    Repair of the frame structure or its alteration
    Cabinet upgrade
    Replacing the old sliding system with a modern one
    Complete or partial replacement of accessories: rollers, tracks, guide boxes, sliding mechanisms, pantographs, etc.
    Change the door coupe inserts
    Replacing the mirror or glass doors coupe
    Cabinet height reduction or width

Services of our masters

Our company repairs the following types of furniture:

    built-in wardrobes
    sliding partitions
    sliding interior doors
    kitchen sets
    children's furniture
    office furniture
    commercial equipment
    hotel furniture

The master, when visiting the customer, carefully examines the furniture for the presence of hidden damages, as well as not visually visible structural damage to the cabinet frame and roller compartment door system. With the use of high-quality original components and fittings, experts troubleshoot the compartment cabinet and perform alteration or modernization of the cabinet, independently or with the help of furniture designers, select materials for the frame and internal filling of the compartment doors, guided by the customer's wishes.

Our online catalog of compartment doors has a huge selection of options for filling compartment doors, various colors and materials. On our site you will definitely find a suitable version of the door coupe for furnishing your interior: mirrored doors of the coupe of three tones of mirrors; doors filled with stained or tinted glass; doors in classic style with rattan or faux leather.

How to apply for the repair of a wardrobe compartment or manufacturing?

Call the master to repair the compartment closet, just call and arrange the time of arrival of the master:

8 (905) 259-29-08 from 10-22 o'clock St. Petersburg
8 (929) 604-16-50 from 10-22 o'clock Moscow
8 (908) 726-06-64 from 10-22 hours Nizhny Novgorod

For the manufacture of compartment doors or wardrobes, you call the designer:

8 (812) 987-36-42
Check out the designer and gager when ordering a cabinet or sliding doors is free. On-site, our designer places an order, determines materials with you and offers design options. After choosing the material of the frame and the decorative elements of the compartment door inserts, the final cost of the products is announced. Preliminary cost of furniture can be determined by the picture and size by contacting us by phone 8 (812) 987-36-42 or e-mail.

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