How to install a built-in closet and a suspended ceiling

Wardrobe, built-in wardrobe and a suspension or suspended ceiling ..

Built-in wardrobes, as well as other built-in furniture such as wardrobe, mate in a room with walls, floor, ventilation, various communications, as well as the ceiling of the room. Before ordering closet compartment and installation of such a construction is necessary to consider how they will interact interior elements with each other and the overall design.

The greatest number of questions arise with customers is the case with the purchase and installation of cabinet compartment in the rooms where they want a suspended or ceiling. Since the stretch and suspended ceilings require different tolerances and the distance between them and the main ceiling of the room, you need to think in advance what the ceiling will be set, as for the production of built-in cabinet compartment need exact dimensions. For reliable cabinet design, coupled with stretch ceiling is necessary mortgage - that is set bar width of 80-100 mm. The height of the timber depends on the kind of tension or the suspended ceiling and the method of fixing the ceiling. There are several options for making and installing the cabinet compartment with false or suspended ceilings. Consider them.


Option 1: Installation of the cabinet compartment before installing a stretch ceiling. In this embodiment, the suspended ceiling is attached to the decorative trim panels closet after installation.


Установка шкафа купе


  1. Cloth stretch ceiling.
  2. Ceiling moldings
  3. Basic, basic ceiling
  4. The top decorative trim panel cabinet compartment, closes the joint rail and cabinet compartment timber, or completely and guide bar.
  5. Wooden beam attached to the ceiling of the room.
  6. Top rail cabinet compartment. Bolted to the beam.
  7. Sliding closet door coupe.
  8. Place mounting tension ceiling to the panel. Distance fixing the ceiling (the gap between the ceiling and the main tension) negotiated in advance as possible to the ceiling installation of communication hoods, lighting or air conditioning.

This option is mounting the cabinet compartment ceilings most often used and is considered the most successful.

Among the advantages of this method of installation cabinet compartment - is the presence of a single common element between a closet compartment and the ceiling - laying the lumber. Therefore, the design of the cabinet compartment and ceiling are almost independent, and will not interfere with each other in the repair or replacement of the cabinet compartment elements stretch ceiling.

Rather than a disadvantage of this method, and especially considering the fact that when installing built-in wardrobe which is carried out before the installation of the ceiling, the design and size of the cabinet compartment should be coordinated with a view of the future of the ceiling and other elements of communication mentioned earlier. The main ceiling will be parallel to the beam of mortgages, and decorative trim panel cabinet and suspended ceiling in terms of clearly established, so the level is set to the location of trim panels. If the panel, set on the main ceiling, then the level of tension ceiling will not match it, and it will look respectively ..


Option 2: Wardrobe made and fastened to the already installed tension or suspended ceilings.

Установка шкафа купе

  1. Cloth stretch ceiling.
  2. Ceiling decorative moldings or seal the ceiling.
  3. The main ceiling of the room.
  4. Wooden beams fixed mortgage to the ceiling.
  5. The plate is made of plastic to protect the ceiling of the gap. In this embodiment, the plastic adheres to suspended ceilings in places rail mounting cabinet compartment. As well as the plastic adheres hard skeleton for installation mortise fixtures. 
  6. Guide closet compartment.
  7. Sliding closet door.

In this case, a built-in closet made in the opening of the stretch ceiling to the floor, and guide the cabinet compartment is attached to the beam, which is pre-mounted in the inner cavity stretched canvases in terms of the depth of the future cabinet compartment.

This method of manufacture cabinet compartment is used less frequently and usually in the case where the closet is a built-in dressing room, which also need a beautiful ceiling which will be a continuation of the ceiling of the room in which the coating is built wardrobe.

Among the advantages of this type of installation cabinet compartment or wardrobe note the presence of a decent ceiling inside the structure, as well as the fact that closet or wardrobe perfectly tailored to the gap between the floor and ceiling.

Among the disadvantages is worth noting the following. First, firm-ceiling installer can not give guarantees on the mortgage for the cabinet compartment, a bar which is attached to the guide can be installed with an offset vertical opening. Second, companies that install ceiling coverings have no idea about the design and installation of the properties of various systems sliding door wardrobes. Since different design systems razdvizheniya-in closets are associated with the displacement of the upper and lower tracks and the difference nizhneopornyh mounting and suspension systems door coupe. If the systems with lower support sliding door upper track screws sufficiently to fix and offset from the bottom portion of the outer enclosure to 18-20mm, the suspension system and equipment are fixed anchor the upper and lower track mounted precisely in one plane. Accordingly, for the harness door coupe mortgage timber must be secured by anchors, not dowels with screws, which accordingly is not known installers ceilings. The result - a loose or torn ceiling and broken door coupe, and the cost of calling a wizard to repair door coupe.

Option 3: Built-in closet or dressing room and suspended ceiling mounted independently on the same mortgage

Установка шкафа купе

  1. Fabric suspended or stretch ceiling.
  2. Ceiling moldings or seal the ceiling.
  3. Overlapping or ceiling of the room
  4. Mortgage - a piece of wood attached to the ceiling.
  5. The guide track closet compartment. 
  6. Rail for mounting tension ceiling.
  7. Sliding closet door coupe or a dressing room. 
  8. The direction of the stretch ceiling mounting bracket to the guide.

Basics mounting cabinet compartment and ceiling mortgage on the same plane, but the design of the cabinet compartment ceiling and independent of each other.

This method of manufacture cabinet compartment and its installation is considered to be quite successful and is used when the time of manufacture cabinet compartment and ceiling installation is not possible to combine or due to prolonged repairs in the apartment. With this installation cupboard used mortgage beam width of at least 150mm. To guide the cabinet compartment plane used in 80-85mm and 55-75mm ceiling of the guide member to timber does not split by screws.

Bottom line: If you want to order a built-in closet, and in the near future to update the ceiling should think about their installation and pre-set mortgages to guide cabinet compartment and ceiling, if there is one in the project ..

Ordering the assembly and installation of built-in cabinet compartment in our company, you can also order the manufacture and installation of the mortgage.

When decorating the walls of premises under gypsum plasterboard plasterboard recommend to install a layer of plywood 10-15mm. This will strengthen your walls and will not cause problems with the wall mounting of furniture, TV, etc.

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