Sliding doors and partitions

Sliding doors for cabinets and rooms and coupe systems

You want to set a goal to create an unusual interior design, using coupe systems that have been proven for years and are well known; you should pay attention to the sliding doors of the compartment interior partitions. We will make compartment doors and partitions to order in our own furniture production. You can use the space of the room more ergonomically, using sliding sliding door systems, dividing a large area into different zones and at the same time preserving the illusion of the integrity of the room, or close the built-in closet with beautiful doors.

Раздвижные перегородки и межкомнатные двери купе. Какие есть открывания дверей. Системы купе

Sliding door system using interior doors

The door is installed on the outside or inside of the room. The mechanism of the system that drives the door is hidden behind a decorative box from the door, the lower guide element is invisible under the canvas. Already familiar to all people in sliding wardrobes the way to open and close the sashes will make the most of the usable area of ​​the room. The principle of operation of the coupe system is very simple. The door moves along reinforced aluminum rails, parallel to the wall in both directions, opening the opening as wide as possible and providing free unhindered access and passage.

Coupe system made of aluminum profile. The principle of operation is the same as a conventional door leaf. You can make low doors and fix them as well as an interior door, or make installation on the floor and ceiling, while the doors are made to the full height of the room, as in a closet for the dimensions of the frame.

Options for installing coupe doors:

A single-wing sliding interior door is effectively used in small openings of a room or in a dressing room. It allows you to significantly save the space of a room or a narrow corridor. It is also used in the hallway, where one section is closed.

Double-wing sliding doors (and more in quantity) are installed in sliding wardrobes, between rooms, or dividing the room into parts. Such interior doors look elegant and safe to use, because the leaves diverge from the center to the edges. Even a child can easily open them. In the case of a partition, installation in a sliding wardrobe or a large number of doors, the doors are installed on double tracks, which allows them to go behind each other.

Options interior doors coupe:

    one or two doors;
    doorway framing with collars and platbands;
    set of guide tracks of the upper and lower element;
    roller mechanism - for easy sliding of doors along rails;
    at the request of the customer, a synchronous door opening mechanism is installed. It is a set of roller mechanisms connected by cables for installation on two doors that open in different directions, synchronously. When you open one of the doors - the second will simultaneously open, also when closing the opening.

Options aluminum doors coupe:

    Any number of doors, calculation for the opening;
    a set of guide tracks of the upper and lower, or axial element with a suspension system coupe;
    door closers on customer request;
    buffer tape;
    opening frame at will;
    filling doors to order;
    color of a profile of doors according to the client's order;
    Coupe system: Gerkules, RaumPlus, RaumPlus Aero, Elfa, Elf, etc.

Interior sliding partitions

 Sliding interior partitions from the manufacturer, custom-made according to an individual project, as well as compartment doors give unique possibilities for decorating an apartment, office, store or country house. They are made of aluminum with a suspension system or lower support rollers. They can be made in any design and close the opening of large sizes. A great way to close a built-in wardrobe or dressing room, update your interior and give it a stylish, modern look - by installing sliding compartments. They can not only arrange a non-standard wide opening, where the installation of interior doors is impossible due to their small dimensions, but it is also easy to change the space, separating certain functional areas in it - living room and kitchen, bedroom, etc.

Options for installing compartment walls:

In this sliding system, as in sliding wardrobes, a double guide is used and the leaves move along two parallel tracks, where each of the leaves can move along the length of the cabinet or the entire width of the opening of the room. With two partition walls, the opening is always half open or completely closed. The system is similar to a sliding compartment door system. The main difference between them is that this system is installed both inside the opening and in parallel along the wall from one or the other side, or it divides the room when installing to the ceiling and floor.

Three cascading interior doors

For this sliding system of partitions from solid interior doors, a three-channel guide profile has been developed and the wings are located in three parallel planes. One extreme part of the partition is always stationary, the other two can move, opening, respectively, up to 1/3 of the width of the opening, when the extreme movable door goes beyond the middle movable, or up to 2/3 of the width of the opening, while two movable leaves go behind each other and together hiding behind a third motionless.

The interior partitions and compartment doors in the aluminum profile have the same principle, only all wings can move along the entire length of the opening.

In the RaumPlus Aero system, all doors are hinged, slide along the upper guide, and cling to each other from below. For sliding partitions and compartment doors, with a lower support system, a two-strip guide is sufficient. It can accommodate from two to six or more doors and partitions, depending on the size of the opening or the area of ​​the room.

Options for sliding partitions:

    suspended interior doors, or canvas made of aluminum profile;
    framing the doorway with extras and platbands, when partitioning with planks or boxes from chipboard, MDF in veneer (at the request of the customer);
    set of guide tracks (upper and lower, depending on the installed coupe system);
    roller mechanisms or carriages - for easy and convenient sliding of the door leaf or partition walls;
    The synchronous opening mechanism is a set of accessories for installation on two sliding interior doors that open in different directions, synchronously, that is, if you open one of the doors, the second will also open, also when closing. Or the German Aero mechanism, where one door pulls all the doors behind it, both when opening and when opening partitions;
    Coupe system: RaumPlus Aero, Gerkules, MEPA, etc .;
    additional accessories: stoppers, closers, dampers.

One plane coupe system (in one plane)

The new unique One plane coupe door system, which allows the door to be installed flush with the wall, without platbands, creating the effect of a fluttering door.

The sliding system hidden in the door itself is one of the varieties of sliding the interior door along the doorway. All roller mechanisms and guides are hidden inside the upper part of the door leaf frame, which improves aesthetic perception and creates its visual integrity, a similar mechanism is installed in sliding metal gates, only in their lower part. In the variant of sliding wardrobes, a similar system is used in the hinged doors of the compartment, where the mechanism is located behind the doors, the upper track is installed on the roof of the cabinet, and the lower one under the bottom.

Installation Options:

Single-wing and double-wing interior sliding doors are effectively used in small rooms. Compared with a conventional hinged door, it can significantly save the space of the corridor and room. Such sliding doors are installed between the rooms, the room and the corridor. Such compartment doors look elegant and almost silent, because the doors are much lighter than a conventional door leaf. Often such doors are installed in the nursery due to the ease of construction and ease of use.

Options interior doors coupe:

    one or two canvases;
    framing the opening with extensions and platbands (on the opposite side from the installation);
    set of guide tracks (upper and lower holding element);
    roller mechanisms - for easy and silent sliding of the door leaf;
    synchronous opening mechanism (the same system as in the interior doors of the compartment);
    additional accessories.

Complete set of aluminum doors (used only in sliding wardrobes):

    For two, three or more doors, calculation according to the width of the cabinet (in a coplanar hinged system of a compartment there are only two doors);
    set of guides for the upper and lower tracks;
    door closers on customer request;
    buffer tape;
    door frames at the request of the customer;
    filling doors to order;
    color of a profile of doors according to the client's order;
    Coupe system: Sisco Sistem, Caimi, Hettich, Mepa, etc .;
    additional accessories: door rectifiers, connecting and reinforcing elements.

Bar Doors system (opening doors in both directions)

This door mechanism drives the door inside the opening, ensuring the door turns both on itself and away from it. Double-sided doors are a serious step forward in design and interior art. The hinge system is durable, extraordinary and unique in its technical characteristics. Bar Doors is translated from English as “bar doors”, this is the essence of using these doors so that a person does not even have a thought in which direction they open. Such doors are made to withstand the entire load of constant reuse from the array, or from other durable materials. If there is still the opportunity at home to put the door on such a simple door opening mechanism, then in a bar, cafe or office it will fly apart on the first day.

A similar door system "Flip-Flap" translated from English Swing. It has a more compact size when open than a swing door, since the Flip-Flap opening system brings out half of the canvas to the outside of the room and half to the inside. With this system, you can install almost any interior doors. It is very similar to the system of opening doors on kitchen cabinets when doors open and enter the cabinet body.

Installation Options:

In the open state, it takes up as much space as a regular swing door, the lack of compactness is interfered with by the versatility of fastening, and the possibility of opening in any direction. Two-way door mechanism can be installed both left and right.


    one or two doors;
    framing the doorway with collars and architraves, or arched framing;
    box or arched box;
    Bilateral system set (system mechanism with spring closer, damper brush);
    mortise handles (usually used as a decorative element);
    set of additional accessories.

Double System (Double Sliding Doors)

This system is intended for the installation of two-part sliding interior doors. Doors move and fold in parallel in one plane. Often used in cabinets using a German folding mechanism

Double is a revolutionary sliding door system that maximizes free space. The space in the door area can be used in larger volumes. There are no problems with collisions of doors located next to each other. The door folds along the wall, halving the space occupied by the two doors. When closed, it turns into a single plane, like one ordinary swing door.

Installation Options:

The door structure of such doors is rotary-sliding. In the usual closed position, it looks like an ordinary hinged door, but when opened, the Double door folds in half along the wall, occupying half less space, unlike a hinged door of the same width. Such a product fits perfectly into a modern interior. If you keep up with modern design and fashion, then the Double opening system will be the most advantageous offer for those who want to give personality to their home. Cabinets are easy and convenient to use. It has two types of folding doors. For light doors, a simple lever mechanism is suitable, which, when opened, displays the outermost leaf to the hinge attachment point. In heavy structures, the outer door is suspended by the edge of the carriage with a roller mechanism, while simultaneously supporting both doors and folding them together. Small and light doors can be installed on ordinary hinges, and heavy ones are best placed on an axial rotary mechanism so that there are no distortions and tearing of the door frame.

Options for the opening:

    one or two twin doors;
    doorway framing with collars and platbands;
    set of folding system (lever or roller suspension mechanism);
    handles (usually installed closer to the folding door);
    a set of additional accessories, hinges, reinforced mechanisms, rollers and the upper guide. In cabinets with tramways (Double folding doors are installed on the bottom or under the bottom of the cabinet, the lower guide with the holding roller mechanism).

Smart Threshold (Anti Threshold)

Smart door sill is a great alternative, or rather replacement of a wooden threshold for interior doors, there is a mortise threshold that does not violate the design of the door and interior and is installed inside the door leaf. If the door is hollow, or there is no possibility of milling the door under the cut-in threshold, then it can be replaced by an overhead model of a smart threshold.

For interior doors, the usual wooden threshold is an uncomfortable and absolutely impractical thing: you need to step over it, everyone strikes it with feet, wears out quickly, it interferes with cleaning, prevents the wheelchair from traveling, etc. Therefore, the unique development of this automatic threshold is a great alternative to a wooden threshold:

    it perfectly protects rooms from drafts and provides additional noise isolation, therefore wherever there are small children or elderly people in the apartment, this device will provide not only warmth, but also comfort;
    will not interfere with free movement and allow you to relax without thinking about extraneous sounds;
    when closed, the door also prevents the penetration of odors, sounds and light;
    convenient, safe and practical;
    it does not require perfect evenness of the floors, since it can be installed with gaps from 5mm to 16mm, it is not trampled;
    the service life of this unique mechanism is 10-15 years, which equals approximately 50,000 to 100,000 opening cycles.


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