Apartment renovation tips

So, making repairs, expert advice is different, very valuable and simple. But any of them at different times become salvation.

# 1. "In reserve" is not waste, but functionality

When making an estimate, it is very important to remember this factor. Unforeseen expenses are not expected, but they happen. Therefore, during the repair, this column is one of the most important.

In addition, some materials must be purchased in reserve initially. This applies to dowels and nails, primers and paints.

No. 2. Decide on a place of residence

When there is a large-scale alteration of an apartment, you should think about where to live at this moment. If you can move in with relatives and friends, that's great. But if this option is not available, you can live in the same apartment, performing repair work in stages.

No. 3. Warn the neighbors

Until what time, according to the law, can you make repairs in an apartment? This is not a trifle and not a tribute to neighbors. They should be warned that you have a planned "commotion" impending. Then they will begin to react to what is happening more calmly, and statements to the police or Rospotrebnadzor will be reduced to zero. By the way, study the Law on Silence in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in advance. This will allow you to be fully armed.

No. 4. Think over the dates

There are holidays and post-holidays. Agree, it is illogical to start repairs on December 30, March 7 or May 8. If you understand this, hire the crews on the dates that follow the holidays. This has 2 benefits at once: moral (everyone will walk quietly and only then start repairing), financial (after the holidays and weekends, prices for services are often reduced, and this is worth taking advantage of).

No. 5. Agree on redevelopment

Coordination of documents often takes 1/3 of the repair time. In this case, it is wiser to agree on the redevelopment ourselves. And only then start repairs. This allows you not to damage the nearest housing and minimize problems before the sale of an apartment.

No. 6. Spend your time in control

This is especially true of the item of expenditure. Without your vigilant control, the expense item for unscrupulous repairmen grows, sometimes in an arithmetic progression.

Therefore, use an important tip: collect sales receipts, but also ask for cash registers. Suddenly, during the purchase, the client was given a discount, but you do not know anything about it?

At the same time, treat discounts and sales rationally. After all, this way you can purchase a lot of unnecessary building materials. Remember: “in reserve” is important, but “cheap and urgently needed” is a waste.

No. 7. From above and from afar - the starting point of repair

Where to start repairing an apartment? To begin renovation and design of an apartment, the advice of experts often says that it is necessary to "start" from the farthest point from the entrance. This will keep surfaces cleaner and complete renovations right at the entrance.

The first to renovate: distant rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen. They "start" from windows, doors and ceilings. At the finish line, proceed to the floor and walls. This saves time and allows you to properly distribute the labor costs of the repair team.

No. 8. Heat and sound insulation is an important point when carrying out repairs

Speaking about heat and sound insulation, one thing should be remembered: you will not have to save on these materials. Yes, and work with them is carried out even at the stage of rough repair. That is, it will be impossible or very difficult to remake them later.

No. 9. Color is the head of everything

Choosing a color scheme for each room, you can be sure that this solution is your soul. The shade can be warm or cold, depending on the chosen direction vector and interior style.

Important! If the room is north, then its entire or darker wall is "warmed" with warm shades. But for sunny rooms, cool tones are a cooling solution.

In this section, we also attribute a life hack from the pros. When making a rough plan, in what colors the rooms will be "painted", draw a plan of the apartment. Attach a piece of material or a display material with paint in front of each room. Thus, if you suddenly need a replacement, it will be easier for you to navigate which is the best fit.

No. 10. Garbage removal

Speaking of repairs, everyone forgets that after its completion there is an important moment - garbage disposal. If you leave old furniture or frames near garbage cans, as part of administrative violations, you will have to pay at least 3,000 rubles. For small garbage, buy tight bags in advance - and the business is over!

Bonus: TOP 8 common, but no less necessary tips from the pros

Apartment renovation tips

There are large, self-explanatory, and short tips for renovating apartments that you also need to know:

Parquet and laminate are flooring materials for rooms, but not for the kitchen. There they quickly deteriorate and overwrite. And the money turns out to be wasted.
When planning the installation of floor tiles, remember: in this case, the floor should be 2-2.5 cm below the general level.
Light-colored floor grout is good only on store shelves. In fact, it gets dirty in operation faster than others. Keep this in mind when choosing your grout.
It is better to install not simple sockets in the bathroom, but with protection from water. In this case, the use of a razor, hair dryer and other electrical accessories will be completely safe process.
When each room in an apartment is a separate, contrasting interior style, there is no sense of the integrity of the home. Therefore, the harmony of stylistic directions is an important factor in the selection of the final solution for housing.
If you do not want to go back to repairs in the bathroom and toilet for a long time, value style and durability - install stretch ceilings there.
Even if you are not going to use television and / or the Internet, it is better to lay an antenna wire, twisted pair and fiber optic cables while doing rough work. Let all kinds be better! Otherwise, then - "the whole apartment is in wires", or new wiring, or the purchase of expensive equipment.

8. When ordering a change of electrical wiring, do not forget to stipulate that the entire electrician, all points go through several separate switches. This will allow, even when knocking out traffic jams at one point, to leave the house connected to electricity. 

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