Repair of sliding door wardrobes

Repair of cabinets at home in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

Do you need professional repair of the closet compartment at home? A professional master will come to your house at a time convenient for you, select the necessary components on his own and perform the required repair work. The main advantage of the services provided by our masters is efficiency, since it eliminates the need to transport cabinets to the workshop. At the same time, all repairs are provided with a long warranty, since our furniture production and furniture repair workshop was founded in 2000 and to this day it provides services for repairing cabinet furniture and custom-made furniture for individual projects.

Long-term operation of the cabinet-compartment with minor malfunctions leads to great destruction. Do not postpone repairs if you wish to save time, money.

On all issues related to the repair of cabinets at home and other furniture, call:

8 (812) 980-36-42

8 (905) 259-29-08

More information on repairing the cabinets of the compartment and cabinet furniture is here
Which closets we repair

A distinctive feature of the wardrobe compartment from the usual cabinet is the presence of sliding doors. Built-in wardrobe compartment or dressing room is a fairly spacious type of furniture, but it does not clutter the space of the room.

We work with models of cabinets of coupe of all manufacturers, differing:

    Mounting method: body, built-in, sectional, radius: concave, convex, asymmetric, round, oval
    Purpose: dressing rooms, wardrobes, hinged, built-in
    Material of production: solid wood, chipboard, veneered
    Systems: Aluminum: RaumPlus, Ideal, Aristo; Steel: Komandor, Stanley, Kirena, Indeco
    Types of systems: hinged, low-bearing, hanging, coplanar

We repair sliding-door wardrobes from well-known manufacturers in Germany, Poland, Italy and their analog models of Chinese and Turkish production.
Repair of cabinets of a compartment - the list of works

Often during prolonged operation, replacement of rollers, guides, glasses, mirrors is required, as well as doors, drawers, baskets or shelves may be in need of repair.

Our masters will eliminate minor shortcomings, and if necessary, will make a change in the size of the cabinet, the replacement of the doors of the coupe or the complete modernization of the closet.

Here is a complete list of works performed by our masters at home:

    Screed or reinforcement of racks and shelves
    Replacement, mounting of mirrors
    Replacement and installation of glasses
    Reinforcement, replacement, installation of shelves
    Installation of cabinet partitions
    Repair, replacement of drawers, baskets, etc.
    Repair and installation of lighting elements in the cabinet
    Change the lining: pasting with protective film
    Works on assembling, disassembling and moving the cabinet of the compartment
    As an additional service: fitting the dimensions of the cabinet and doors
    Complete replacement of the sliding system or replacement of the doors of the compartment

Repair of the doors of the wardrobe compartment

Offering the repair of the sliding door wardrobe, we mean a wide range of services and repair of sliding doors of wardrobes, dressing rooms or interior partitions:

    repair of the entire sliding system: the frame of doors, rollers, guides (upper, lower), profiles, frames, overlays.
    replacement of accessories: handles, guides and fasteners
    dismantling and reinstalling the doors of the compartment
    changing the size of doors according to the dimensions of the opening
    in addition: replacement of the door mirror or glass, replacement of any internal filling of the doors of the compartment

Repair of the doors of the sliding-door wardrobe may be necessary in case of rejection, incorrect initial assembly, deformation and breakage of the mechanism due to prolonged use. Only after professional repair the doors will retain their original appearance. Our masters will quickly identify the cause of the malfunction, find the right solution for its elimination on the day of the order, or eliminate the breakdown by the appointed time.
How much does the repair of the wardrobe at home in St. Petersburg

Cost of works includes: departure of the master, dismantling and installation of the elements of the cabinet, delivery of components. The final cost of repairing the cabinet depends on the complexity of the work and the materials and components used.

The minimum cost of repairing a two-door wardrobe is 1500 rubles

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