Repair cabinet compartment at home

Repair sliding door wardrobes Stanley

Repair sliding door wardrobes of Stanley at home, in demand and very popular service, as many manufacturers do not install the original accessories and cheaper counterparts Stanley. Original Stanley rollers have a dark gray color, high-quality analogue black and cheaper counterparts of white, blue or green. Services for maintenance and repair of cabinets coupe Stanley, repairing cabinet compartment Stanley at home, alteration, replacement of doors STANLEY system, modernization and replacement of the internal filling cabinet enclosure. Replacement rollers Stanley, guide rails, mirrors and glass when repairing cabinets coupe Stanley! Repair work with sliding wardrobes coupe Stanley various modifications of different years of release. Order a challenge to master for the repair of the cabinet compartment Stanley at home in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region near the suburbs, it is reliable, convenient and profitable - from the masters of the furniture factory LenServis.

If desired, we will carry out assembly or disassembly of the cabinet compartment, complete overhauls cabinet or modernization and installation of internal filling and accessories cabinet compartment. No extra baskets, rods or pantograph replacement roller guide boxes for bearing full extension or guides with closers, bryuchnits, tie racks, storage systems, iron or vacuum cleaner, built-in ironing board and other hardware for sliding door wardrobes.

Replacement and repair roller cabinets coupe Stanley - a necessity in most associated with wear themselves rollers sliding doors, defective assembly and installation of the cabinet, or use a Chinese manufacturer of analog hardware cabinet compartment. "Masters" is going to you closet, did not properly his, or simply did not fix the door on the latch. As a result of the sudden movement of the cabinet door coupe comes off the guide cabinet, begins to move in between the runners, and the track is curved and deformed. This slipshod work collectors cabinet ispravlyaema requires proper configuration of the roller mechanism door coupe, replacing or leveling guides cabinet and other repairs to furniture.

It is worth noting that the current system of sliding closet Coupe Stanley, very diverse, constantly improved, different in design and quality, design, filling the interior space of the housing. Our production made wardrobes only aluminum system, as it is more sturdy and durable compared to steel systems Stanley, Komandor, Indeco and their analogues. Due to its versatility, comfort and functionality, wardrobes, closets and dressing rooms quickly became an integral part of the modern interior of each house. All people have become accustomed to the convenience of the beautiful and convenient sliding door wardrobes and no longer presents without modern interior. Sliding door coupe used in homes and apartments and offices.

Like any mechanism system cabinet compartment Stanley, demands attention, needs timely service, respect, care and cleaning. The cost of new rollers and guide Stanley, time spent on the search and purchase of components and the arrival of the wizard for installation of accessories, if not cleaned periodically guides the cabinet and pull time with the removal of minor breakdowns door coupe. As a rule, it all starts with the fact that the door starts stopper bad drive or fly to the guide track and begins to operate properly. Stanley rollers designed for cabinet compartment, moving parts, which are usually made of plastic, have their share of wear over time and the frequency of use, the average life of rollers Stanley 15-20 years, 10-15 years, high-quality analog. When installing the cabinet compartment needed fine-tuning, for soft movement and sliding door coupe, which are easily damaged by improper installation and adjustment.

Tightening with a simple repair or adjustment of the cabinet, then can cost much more expensive, as it is necessary to change the rollers and guide tracks. If it jumps the tracks with the door can get numerous scratches and mirror door coupe to crack or break.

The most frequent breakdowns of all cabinets coupe is the failure of the rollers sliding door coupe or as they are called, the wheels sliding mechanism or guide wheels. Properly install and adjust the rollers Stanley can only specialist cabinets who has experience in the manufacture of furniture manufacturing. Movable rollers door coupe different load, the structure itself and its location on the guide track. Better and more expensive rollers sliding doors are made of durable plastic coated with Teflon. Teflon or rubber-coated surface of the rollers ensures smooth and mostly silent running door coupe. Repaired the problem roller door coupe, by simply replacing the novel or cleaning rollers and guides. To replace or clean the rollers, requires mandatory removal door coupe. After installation, the new roller mechanism cabinet compartment Stanley, should adjust the location of the door coupe on the side walls of the cabinet or wall opening in which the cabinet. At the door coupe Stanley, Commander, INDEC adjustment screw located in the upper part of the body rolls in aluminum systems, it is located on the side.

Repair closets all kinds and from all manufacturers!

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