Furniture walls to order

Walls to order

The popularity of the walls does not decrease over the years, but rather, on the contrary, it increases. This is due to the unique design of modern structures. Practical, stylish, roomy, properly selected walls fit perfectly into the interior of modern, usually small-sized living rooms.
Our furniture company offers custom-made walls according to individual customer sizes. We produce furniture walls, slides, for the living room, for the hall, economy and middle class, classic and modern, and with a niche for a TV. We are also ready to make them to order taking into account your wishes and design ideas.
For the production of custom-made walls, laminated chipboard and MDF of domestic and foreign production, including Egger, are used, and more expensive materials are also used: enamel, veneer, solid wood.

Classification of walls in the living room

Today there are several different types of structures: linear models; very practical corner products; slides.
Modern furniture manufacturers present a wide range of various models, from budget to luxury options, in various designs, made from different materials. Therefore, each client can easily and simply choose the best option, based on individual wishes and financial capabilities.
For the manufacture of walls, manufacturers use natural wood. Living rooms made of solid wood look luxurious and elegant, but the cost of such models is quite high. A more democratic, but no less high quality, option is constructions made of MDF, laminated chipboard. To decorate the walls, manufacturers use various elements made of plastic, durable glass, and so on.

Designer execution of walls for arranging living rooms

Each client seeks to choose a design based on the size and style of the living room. When choosing a design, it is also necessary to take into account other important nuances: the wall should not attract the main attention of visitors to itself; perfectly in harmony with other pieces of furniture in the room. In addition, it must have such qualities as multifunctionality; aesthetic appeal; practicality and versatility. Therefore, very often customers prefer to order a wall from the craftsmen according to individual sizes and wishes.
We will produce any model with high quality for our clients:
1. For small-sized premises, a built-in model of a certain size is perfect. Such models are installed in a special niche in the wall. These models are compact, take up minimal space and are very spacious. Some are additionally equipped with comfortable TV stands.
2. Slides are no less popular. These structures are a combination of several, separate modules of different heights. The structure of such models includes a variety of wardrobes, cabinets, various shelves and corner sections.
3. Classic, linear. These are very popular and in demand at all times.
4. Stylish constructions made of natural wood, laminated chipboard and durable glass. Such products fit perfectly into modern interiors.
Before placing an order for manufacturing, you need to carefully consider the design of future furniture. This will allow, when changing the style, not to completely change the furniture modules, which significantly reduces the financial costs for redevelopment, it is enough to replace the facade.

Furniture walls to order

If you could not find a suitable option for a furniture wall for arranging a living room, we suggest visiting the website of our company Our experienced specialists will be able to make any model of a furniture wall based on your individual wishes and financial capabilities. At the same time, we will make a structure of any size.
You can choose the optimal combination of colors and shades of the future product.
In addition, the complete set of furniture sets is also made taking into account the wishes of customers.
The decoration and design of the facade, as well as the materials necessary for this, are chosen by clients, if any difficulties arise, our consultants will always come to the rescue.
In addition to all of the above, you can pick up and order original glass doors decorated with elegant patterns or ornaments.

Walls from the manufacturer in St. Petersburg

Many people want to order walls from the manufacturer without intermediaries. Now you have such an opportunity - we have our own production facility in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, which is equipped with the most modern equipment. We have been working in the production of furniture since 2000 and the process of manufacturing custom-made furniture is fully established. Our company offers the highest quality furniture without extra charges, made according to the size of the customer.
Walls from the manufacturer - not only saving money, but also a guarantee of quality and durability. We have all the necessary equipment that allows us to make custom-made furniture that can satisfy the most sophisticated needs: we can decorate elements with photo printing, sandblasting, tinting on facades. Our specialist in interior design is ready to visit you at any time to develop a design project and take the necessary measurements.

Where to buy a custom wall

You can buy a custom-made wall from the manufacturer on our website To do this, you do not need to go anywhere, just call our specialist and make an appointment with a designer-measurer. We offer to buy to order inexpensively. The quality of the finished furniture will be at the highest level. A quality guarantee is provided for the finished product. Call us now, we are sure that we can offer the best prices for manufacturing.


Invite a measurement designer to make the necessary measurement of the future wall. Departure of the measurer is free.


You can pay for your order in two ways - in cash or by transfer.
• Payment in cash is made when the contract is signed. 50-70% of the cost is paid before launching into production, 30-50% - before delivery.
• Cashless transfer can be carried out both to a current account and to a bank card. At the same time, the service of payment of the cost of furniture with or without VAT is provided for clients.
The manufacturer of non-standard furniture "Art-Design Furniture" guarantees confidentiality on the basis of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 N 152-FZ "On Personal Data".


Delivery methods are discussed during the conclusion of the contract. You can receive the manufactured wall:
• delivery of a freight courier;
• delivery by our fleet;
• self-pickup.

Assembly and installation

When concluding a contract for custom manufacturing, you need to discuss the moment of assembly and installation. Our company employs qualified furniture assemblers who will assemble and install the wall in the right place quickly and efficiently. Cleaning of construction waste is guaranteed after installation.
Furniture to order from the manufacturer - a guarantee of quality and budget savings.

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