Caring for plastic windows

Rules for the care of plastic windows

The old glass windows in wooden frames have been replaced by modern plastic (metal-plastic) windows. They have better performance and are more functional. However, plastic windows require proper care, from the frame to the mechanism.

Let's take a closer look at every aspect of proper window care.

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  1. How to properly care for plastic windows
  2. Products for the care of metal-plastic windows
  3. Proper care of double-glazed windows
  4. Profile care rules
  5. Seal care
  6. How to take care of metal-plastic window fittings
  7. Taking proper care of your mosquito net

How to properly care for plastic windows

The rules for the care of plastic windows are not only about washing them, but also about creating daily conditions for their correct functionality and long-term use.

How to properly clean plastic windows.

The optimal temperature that plastic windows tolerate is +22 and -25 degrees. The relative humidity should be between 30-45%.

Rooms equipped with plastic windows must be ventilated at least twice a day (even in winter). Airing time should be at least 15-20 minutes. Such measures will reduce the possibility of condensation on the windows.

Contact of plastic windows with strong chemicals, solvents, etc. is undesirable. They can damage the integrity of the window (profile), which will lead to blowing.

How to care for a plastic window profile.

Repair of the stripped thread of fastening fittings, the reasons for the stripping of the thread and the rules for the operation of window fittings.

Products for the care of metal-plastic windows

It is necessary to wash frames and glasses at least 4-6 times a year. For washing, you can use ordinary dish detergents or specialized & ndash; for cleaning plastic windows.

It is unacceptable to use alcohol to clean windows.

All fittings must be lubricated at least 2 times a year. Any non-resinous lubricant will do. Now you can buy a special lubricant for the fittings of metal-plastic windows.

Use wet wipes to remove dirt from slopes. You can use ordinary wet wipes, or you can purchase special wipes for the care of metal-plastic windows.

All hard-to-reach places are also regularly cleaned. Use cotton swabs to scrub dirt from the narrowest areas of the window.

Plain water is the main detergent for your window.

After you have washed the window seal with water, it must be dried (wiped dry) without fail.

There are special sets of detergents for the care of plastic windows on sale.

Proper care of double-glazed windows

Clean water with the addition of a small amount of detergent is best suited for cleaning glass units. You can use a dish detergent or purchase a special one for double-glazed windows.

Do not use abrasive detergents or strong solvent-based chemicals. This can damage the surface of the glass unit.

Only the outer part of the glass unit is cleaned, since the inner part has no properties to get dirty.

For cleaning a glass unit, it is advisable to use a highly absorbent material. Then the glass surface will be transparent, without streaks and streaks. There are special rags on sale designed for washing double-glazed windows.

Profile care rules

There are no special rules and detergents & nbsp; for the care of the profile of a metal-plastic window. Dirt, dust, rain streaks can be easily removed using plain water and a little ordinary detergent.

Do not use abrasive detergents or strong solvents to clean the profile.

Please note that there are no specialized detergents for the profile. All advertisements from different manufacturers are nothing more than an advertising ploy.

Seal care

A seal in a metal-plastic window is an ordinary thin rubber strip that runs along the entire perimeter of the window. She also needs care. The seal must be washed at least 2-3 times a year using detergents with glycerin. Glycerin will prevent the surface of the seal from cracking and crumbling.

After installing a plastic window in an apartment, its seal must be immediately cleaned and treated with glycerin.

If the moment of care of the seal is missed, and it has become unusable, you can easily replace it yourself.

How to care for metal-plastic window fittings

Metal-plastic windows are equipped with a variety of fittings. Its quantity and variety depends on the selected functional view of the window. The fittings also need to be looked after.

At least 2 times a year, all moving parts of the fittings should be lubricated with an acid-free lubricant.

All fittings must be cleaned from dirt and dust with special technical detergents. Please note that detergents must be gentle so as not to damage the anti-corrosion coating of the parts.

Taking proper care of your mosquito net

Mosquito net for a metal-plastic window is an aluminum frame with a canvas stretched on it. The canvas can be white or gray. The mosquito net is attached to the window using special fasteners.

The mosquito net should be washed periodically (depending on the intensity of pollution), and in winter it is better to remove it from the window.

It is necessary to wash the mosquito net with ordinary soapy water. It is not necessary to wash the mesh attachment.

Keep the double-glazed windows, profile clean, lubricate the fittings in time and do not forget to remove the mosquito net at the first frost. Subject to all the above recommendations, plastic, it will serve you for many years without losing its visual appeal and original functionality.

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