Repair of the hallway and wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes in the hallway are an excellent solution: they allow rational use of space, represent a great place for compact placement of things and become a stylish addition to the overall interior.

Sliding wardrobes for the hallway

Have you decided to modernize your apartment? Start in the hallway. Renovation in the hallway is a difficult, but pleasant task. Difficult, because on a small footage and space it is necessary to arrange several objects and structures that require serious measurements and calculations. This means that a specialist is needed.

 You only have a design approach to solving the interior of your future hallway. Therefore, work the way designers work, make a hallway design project. Your main tasks are to insert the front door, change the interior doors and arrange the wardrobe and open shelves. Measure all openings, niches.

When choosing an entrance door, pay attention to its safety, that is, the system of locks, their quantity and quality. The door leaf must be strong, there must be no dents on it when pressed lightly. The color of the entrance and interior doors should be in harmony.

If you are changing interior or entrance doors, keep in mind that there will be a lot of debris and dust, so it is better to start all repairs in the hallway with replacing the doors, and then installing the wardrobe.

The wardrobe in the hallway is convenient with the "compartment" opening system. The sliding wardrobe does not require space for opening the doors, it is spacious, you can choose the layout of shelves, drawers, baskets and pull-out shoe racks for yourself. The sliding wardrobe in the hallway is performed with a mezzanine, where you can place items that are rarely used.

The color of the sliding wardrobe can coincide with the color of the entrance and interior doors, or it can act as a separate design object.

 It is good to use mirrored surfaces. Mirrors expand the space when the cabinet is positioned. In addition, a mirror in the hallway is a necessary functional object. Drawing or laser engraving of mirrors can be in harmony with glass inserts in interior doors.

The wardrobe looks good, turning into open shelves, which are also necessary in the hallway. If there is poor lighting in the hallway, then the lighting above the cabinet will not hurt. It will allow you to quickly find the right thing in the closet. The interior filling of the wardrobe in the hallway offers a large section for coats and jackets, shelves for shoes and a smaller section for other things.

The wall covering should be in harmony with the general interior of the hallway, taking into account the color of the doors and cabinet. If you have chosen a bright wardrobe, then the walls should be done in soothing colors, as well as flooring. If the apartment is located on the ground floor, then heated floors will provide you with comfort and warmth.

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