Omissions during the repair phase and unpleasant consequences in the future.

Furniture planning, storage systems and repairs

When you want to finish the repair quickly, a lot of things seem unimportant and, it seems, that this can be done later. But there are mistakes and miscalculations in the planning of the interior, which will lubricate the impression of the repairs just made and which will have to live until the next.
Two eternal problems: Too small closet and nothing to wear!
Planning for small storage systems, as a result of which other available places are overloaded, or centers of temporary shelter of things are created, but we all know that there is nothing more permanent than temporary.

Therefore, plan the amount of storage space with a margin.

Built-in wardrobe raumplus in the hallway
Lack of lighting
Lighting is a very important element of the interior, especially when its use affects storage systems. If you plan to order a beautiful wardrobe or dressing room, then pay due attention to lighting, plan the location of light sources, what type of lamps are planned so that there are no unpleasant surprises when the finished piece of furniture is installed.

Raumplus sliding wardrobe with LED illumination
Obstacles to opening cabinet doors
Underestimating the severity of the problem above, you can get a situation where overhead lights interfere with opening the doors of the upper sections of the cabinet. Alternatively, if you want a cabinet under the ceiling, then leave a gap between the cabinet and the ceiling of 10 cm to close the gap formed by the false panel. These “little ones” can create rather big problems if they are placed in the opening area of ​​the swinging cabinet doors under the ceiling.

Sliding door obstruction
An incorrectly selected shape of the baseboard can interfere with the opening of a sliding interior door. Yes, of course, you can refuse a skirting board than change it around the entire perimeter, but you must agree that it is better to foresee it in advance and do everything beautifully at once. As an option, choose a laconic plinth.

Sliding doors for a wardrobe in the S1200 raumplus profile

If the width of the opening allows, you can make one static door, and the other sliding, which will go on it.

Sliding doors for a wardrobe in the S150 raumplus profile
The "wall" in the living room, and the TV area is the meeting place for the whole family
Out of habit, many try to occupy a free wall in the living room by placing a storage system on it. As a rule, the center of such a composition on the wall is the TV.

Try not to isolate the TV zone in the living room, if there is one, but to beat it in such a way as to make it a single ensemble with other objects in the interior.

White brick wall
Show us your white brick wall, and we will tell you how long you did the repair. White brick is a thing of the past following stretch glossy ceilings. Be simpler in decorating the walls of your home - experiment with colors, not textures, if you want to easily adjust your interior to fashion trends.

I want a standard closet, but I don’t know where to put it
Any non-standard is a rise in price, so plan ahead a place for cabinets of standard sizes, if any. If at the repair stage you know the dimensions of the cabinets that you put, you can plan niches for them, so the standard storage system will clearly fit into your interior. Do not forget that the construction of such structures also requires investment, so in some cases, it may be better to buy a custom storage system.

Raumplus sliding wardrobe with LED illumination in raumplus S1200 profile
Refusal of a sleeping zone
Do not give up a full sleeping area - allocate a place under the bed, enclosing the area with a partition. Good sleep is the key to health. Or buy a special folding sofa with an orthopedic base, but get ready for its undemocratic price and the daily ritual to fold.

RIMA raumplus interior system
Lots of furniture
If there are restrictions in the budget or area, then limit the number of pieces of furniture: combine the functions of several pieces of furniture in one: in the closet you can provide and hide a workplace, dressing table, drawers instead of a chest of drawers, etc.

Raumplus interior system with workstation

As you can see, most of the problems that arose as a result of omissions at the stage of repair work are solved, but proper planning before the start of repair work will help you save not only a round sum of money, but also your own nerves.
If the repair is done, there is no turning back and you need furniture for your unique individual interior - contact raumplus, we will plan and manufacture everything based on the characteristics of your premises.

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