Installing drywall on the walls

Installing drywall on the walls

If you want to have in your house or apartment priced perfectly smooth walls, you can help with this installation of drywall on the walls. You do not need to buy hundreds of kilograms of various mixes and hire professional decorators. Plasterboard is an environmentally friendly material consisting of gypsum board on both sides lined with thick cardboard. If you want to not only align the wall, but make noise insulation and insulate, then between the slab and the wall drywall can be positioned any insulation.

Attaching drywall on the walls sufficiently rapidly and easier than installing gypsum plasterboard ceiling. There are several ways to install gypsum plasterboard on the walls: drywall on the lattice of metal rails, drywall sticker to the wall using special glue or drywall on the crate from the wooden beams or boards. Fixing you can choose depending on the smoothness of the walls, or your finances. In any case, the alignment of the walls of plasterboard cheaper than their leveling plaster.

For drywall on wooden rails are used only with a dry bar of size 40 by 40 (30-50) mmillimetrov, again depending on the roughness of the walls. The most reliable and convenient installation is gypsum plasterboard on metal rails. If you allow the living area and finances, you can install a layer of plywood on metal napralyayuschie, and then fasten gypsum plasterboard, then it will be durable and noiseless design.

Installing and fixing plasterboard on the walls with metal runners

Metal rail for wall cladding can be of two types. The first type includes guides 50 to 50 mm for the walls. It is necessary to measure the length and height of the wall intended for the cladding. Folded length and height and multiplying this value by two, you get the length of the guide profile PN 50. This metal profile is fixed on the perimeter of the wall, you're going to revet plasterboard.

Installing drywall on the walls begins with fixing metal profile on the ceiling. Then plumb or level laser metal profile is attached to the side walls and the floor. Profiles PS 50 are placed vertically on a level with the distance along the axes of 600 millimeters, as this figure composes half the width of the sheet gypsum plasterboard. If the ceiling in the room is higher than 2400 mm (the size of a sheet of drywall 2400millimetrov on 1200millimetrov), it is necessary to put the sheets of drywall seam horizontal metal profile.

If you have a wall of the house or room in which you are installing gypsum plasterboard cold, the wall insulation can be done from the inside. To this end, the finished metal frame, insert insulation, pre-cut it into strips of equal intervals between the rails. After the mineral wool insulation of walls or the like insulation substrate or closed by a special film and after being installed drywall on the walls on metal rails. After sealing joints gypsum plasterboard sheets ribbon you get perfectly smooth wall for further decoration of your room.

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