Replacing Worn Furniture Mechanisms

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Replacing hinges, lifting mechanisms, rollers, tracks and sliding door coupe, folding doors and swing doors

Any type of modern built-in wardrobes, whether wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, swing or harmonica became popular thanks to the functionality, its spaciousness and the possibility of installation even in the smallest apartments "Khrushchev". We can easily make a new kitchen furniture or change the already annoying and inconvenient design of a standard wardrobe, plan the interior space of the kitchen or cabinet. Altering the standard cheap cabinet allows you to increase the number of drawers and shelves, add a pantograph and other convenient accessories, change the design and profile system of sliding doors, replace the doors with a modern aluminum profile, change a simple broken mirror with a mirror with a pattern or stained glass, or drastically change the dimensions of the cabinet itself and compartment doors. Even despite the quality of components such as Kirena, Chaimi, Komandor, Sisco Sistem, Vibo, Hettich, Blum or RaumPlus, almost every person sooner or later faces such a problem as repairing sliding or lifting mechanisms of kitchen furniture of the wardrobe, an accordion cabinet or wardrobe. Replacing hinges, rollers, tracks and sliding door guides, hinged roller mechanisms of accordion doors - this will be the topic of this section of our site.

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