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Assembly kitchen furniture St. Petersburg

Bought the kitchen? Today, pieces of furniture for the kitchen or parts are offered in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities in a very wide range. Because to choose kitchen in St. Petersburg there are plenty. Such stores like Ikea, Leroy Murdo Maksidom or Castorama offer cheap kitchen unassembled. And someone like kitchen custom, performed in classic style or in a modern style - high-tech. All this can be bought or ordered hundreds of furniture companies, and there are kitchen furniture for every budget and taste. Much more difficult to get a really high-quality service for the assembly and installation of kitchen furniture purchased in shopping centers. As with so many sales of kitchen furniture-store collectors can not cope physically. In St. Petersburg, a lot of companies which carry out assembly and installation of furniture, including kitchens. But as with so many "miracle masters" not to be mistaken with a choice of normal company?

If you purchased the furniture, then the best solution in such a situation - contact our masters for the assembly of kitchen furniture. Each of our master can perform assembly and standard cuisine and dishes made to order, and installation of Italian and Finnish cuisine and professionally and in the shortest possible time, regardless of the value and origin of the food. In addition, prices for professional assembly and installation of the kitchen we have a very democratic, that is good news.

It's worth noting that the assembly of kitchen furniture is not a difficult task, but the installation of the kitchen - is not easy. Installation or setup of the kitchen very tedious process and requires specific knowledge and skills. On how well will be made installation of kitchen furniture depends largely on the life of your kitchen. Because it is best if the process of installation of kitchen units will perform highly garbage is kitchen furniture. Since garbage from the kitchen needed skills, knowledge and skills in several occupations: production of furniture, electrical experience, gasman and plumbing, as well as knowledge of the process connection and installation of built-in appliances: refrigerators, coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens, dispouzery etc. etc. The company "LenServis" you can order services just such universal specialists. And order a "assembly kitchen at home" can be on the phone or through the mail form on our website >>>. You do not have to go anywhere, save time and order pickers for their furniture. If necessary, our craftsmen made furniture disassembly or removal of individual items cuisine. This service will be useful to you in the event of relocation or replacement of any communications, water heater or gas heater built into the kitchen furniture.

Know that our experts installation and assembly of the kitchen is really high quality and professionally, you do not need a separate cause plumbing, electrician, master to connect home appliances or gasman, cope with all this, our collectors cuisine.



Furniture assemblyIf custom-made furniture, and in particular kitchen furniture, is delivered to the address in assembled form, then factory cabinet furniture is produced in the form of a designer, which you can assemble yourself by sticking to the assembly diagram of the purchased furniture. But…

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Мастера молодчики! Работали быстро и грамотно, не отвлекаясь, собрали всё качественно. Проговаривали возможные варианты подключения коммуникаций, прежде чем делать. Показали как лучше пользоваться, чтобы кухня прослужила долго. Не оставили беспорядка, всё убрали за собой.
Ул.Парфеновская 8
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Все отлично, я осталась довольна, спасибо огромное. Буду рекомендовать друзьям, знакомым. Он очень тактичные и правильные мастера. Никакой самодеятельности не было. Когда у них были какие-то вопросы, они всегда обращались, я им показывала и рассказывала, что хочу.
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