Furnishing apartments

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Need to furnish the apartment turnkey? Use the free consultation service. Leave your number and your Furniture Preferences through the postal form. Our specialist will contact you and will help implement a dream furniture project. Or call us: +7 (812) 987-36-42 Mon.-Sun: 10: 00-22: 00

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Furnishing apartments

Repair and furnishings of apartments in St. Petersburg

Let's help build an exclusive interior of the room of your apartment or country house! New approach to furniture, arrangement and organization of space of residential, office or hotel room.

ART-DESIGN MEBEL is the possibility of ordering "turnkey furnishing". To equip the room from the kitchen to the hallway modern and comfortable furniture in a single style. Taking into account all modern trends, features of the planning of the apartment, lifestyle and the number of family members.

Quality and safe furniture

We are responsible for reliability of fastening of furniture, in particular, kitchen modules and cabinets coupe. Their design provides a support for the roof / bottom connection, when the roof and the bottom go into the lining on the racks, and not between them get out of the supports under our own weight.

The production uses only a high-quality laminated chipboard by proven years of Russian manufacturers and slab materials of the Austrian manufacturer Egger.

All fittings and mechanisms are Polish, German, Italian and Austrian manufacturers.

Cheap Mechanisms and Accessories Boyard is used only at the request of the customer at the minimum budget.

Functionality in each element

Conveniently designed by individual design furniture ART-Design Mebel is ideal for small square apartments, studios, apartments. Where every centimeter is important, and there is no possibility to put standard typical cabinet furniture. The kitchen-living room, where the table replaces the bar counter, or it appears only for the time of food and then rolled under the tabletop. Transforming bed, folded from the compartment cabinet. All modules are optimally upgraded, additional options are embedded. Furniture compositions can be any forms and sizes, which is very relevant with rational filling of space in a small room.

Individual approach

Art-Design Mebel specialists will always take into account all your wishes. Our designers optimize and organize the space of your area by creating such furniture which will be comfortable to use each member of your family. In case of moving or redeveloping an apartment, furniture from ART-Design with the help of our installers can be disassembled and assembled in a new place. Adjusting the facades, the doors of the coupe in height and under all the irregularities of the floor and walls will take a few minutes.

All furniture in a single style

How to withstand a single style for all rooms in a house or apartment. ART-Design Mebel can offer furnishings in any modern styles: minimalism, loft, Scandinavian style, modern classic or Hi-Tech. The advantages of the single furnishing style and the interior are that this popularity of most designers adoption of all rooms of the apartment has a number of benefits. The interior of the entire premises, made in one style direction, looks fashionable and modern. Real savings on materials for repair and ordering furniture. If we want to change the style in the apartment with time, you will not have to completely replace furniture, it is enough to contact the Art-Design Mebel, and our specialists will make you a proposal for replacing old facades to new from other materials and a compartment door with various contents. In any interior, properly selected furniture is of particular importance. It must fit the selected style. The kitchen headsets presented on the site in a wide range are perfect for simple laconic interiors, for example, in Scandinavian style. And the classic kitchen furniture options will choose connoisseurs of Art Deco or Provence styles.

Saving time and money

When ordering repair in an apartment and author's design, we forget that the basis of any interior is furniture, and not lamps or wallpapers. We are ready to offer you to take advantage of our "Art-Design-chips" to create a unique furnishing of the room. And also - to create a project design, and repair the premises you can use the services of our partners: architects, interior designers and builders.

Quality assurance

Since 2000, we create furniture on modern equipment.

All furniture passes hard quality control at every stage of production and before shipment.

Quickly solve all cases with complaint. In case of cases of breakdowns of sliding systems of cabinets of the coupe, and other fittings after the warranty, if the tabletop was worn or deteriorated, the mirror broke in the door of the coupe, there is a brigade of master furniture wizard.

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