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Repair of kitchen furniture

We repair and update kitchen sets in St. Petersburg. The kitchen is one of the most exposed places in any home. High humidity, temperature changes, evaporation and splashes of water and oil - all this affects the kitchen furniture daily. For many years, the influence of damaging factors negatively affects the surfaces of countertops and facades of furniture.

Damage reasons

During operation, kitchen facades lose their aesthetic appearance, surfaces crack, experience mechanical damage, swell from heat and moisture. In this case, the loss of attractiveness is usually characterized not by the entire furniture set, but by its individual parts, most often interacting with an aggressive environment. The cupboard under the sink, countertop, cabinets next to the hob experience the greatest stress and are most often subject to deformation.

Ordering and replacing the entire kitchen unit is a cost-effective solution that includes time, assembly and installation costs. It is much simpler and more profitable to replace elements and modules that need it, such as kitchen facades, an apron or a kitchen worktop.

Repair of kitchen furniture is carried out by experienced specialists in accordance with your wishes.

Standard problems and their solutions

    Mechanical damage to the countertops - scratches, swelling, abrasions, a burned surface and other problems not pleasing to the eye are resolved radically - by replacing the work surface. The wizard will take measurements of your countertops, suggest color solutions, dismantle the old and install new work surfaces.
    In the case when the kitchen cabinet is strong, and the facades were mainly affected, the only solution is to replace furniture facades. In this case, it is necessary to determine the materials - their choice today is quite wide (plastic, veneer, solid wood, MDF with film, laminated particleboard), color and texture of surfaces.
    If in general the kitchen set was well preserved, but its design is outdated, you can add something new to it that visually improves the overall design. Ordering additional decorative elements and accessories - arches, cornices, balustrades, nets, etc. will allow you to qualitatively transform your kitchen. An economical, aesthetically appealing solution.
    In the case when the facades of the kitchen set are well preserved, and the case of drawers, cabinets or cabinets require repairs, the replacement of individual elements is necessary. Professionals will repair the kitchen efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

Repairing a kitchen set

When planning a repair, it is necessary to determine the order and scope of work.

    Determine exactly which elements of the kitchen require replacement.
    Choose materials by quality, cost, color, texture and other characteristics.
    Take measurements or call a specialist to accurately measure and evaluate work.

The cost of the order consists of the cost of materials and the complexity of the work. At the request of the customer, additional work is carried out (installation and connection of the hood and other built-in household appliances, installation of the kitchen mixer, laying tiles instead of an apron, etc.).

Benefits of ordering a headset repair

The undoubted advantage of repairing a kitchen unit is its economic component. Ordering and a complete replacement of kitchen furniture will cost a lot, and replacing a worn-out item or fittings will be done for much less money.

Calling a master at home saves you time. The specialist will carry out full measurements and evaluate the necessary work, talk about the advantages of materials and offer the best options for solving the problem.
Carrying out the repair of the kitchen at home, you save time and money on the transportation of large pieces of furniture around the city.

The professional work of our masters will delight you with high quality for many years. Your kitchen will be like new!

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