Replacing countertops in the kitchen

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We produce a replacement of kitchen countertops, aprons and kitchen facades. Installation and replacement of kitchen countertops in St. Petersburg by phone: +7 (812) 980-46-42, call! In order to invoke wizards for installation, replacing countertops in the kitchen in St. Petersburg, call: +7 (812) 980-46-42 in St. Petersburg and find out how much installation costs, replacing table tops in St. Petersburg kitchen.

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Replacing countertops in the kitchen

It is necessary to replace the countertop, the facades in the kitchen

Most users for this key query search Yandex and Google for wizards to replace the kitchen countertop and apron. If your countertop is tired of you externally, damaged, swollen, dried up and do not want to order a new kitchen set for this reason? Then just call our specialist and replace the countertop, or countertop and kitchen facades! On our site you can choose a beautiful countertop and new facades from more than three hundred different plastic options for countertops and types of facades for kitchen furniture.
The old kitchen can be made more modern and practical, if you replace the old facades with Fenix ​​plastic doors, this is a high-tech nano material with a deep saturated color, an amazing matte surface, resistant to mechanical damage, aggressive chemical and physical factors, created by Arpa Industriale ( Italy). What is very important for the owners of the kitchen, fingerprints on this plastic do not remain! Caring for a kitchen with plastic Phoenix facades is becoming quite simple. Another amazing surface property of these kitchen facades is its ability to regenerate. If the kitchen door from this material is accidentally damaged, you will not have to contact our company for repair or order a new one to restore it. Due to the unique properties of molecules that restore their structure when heated, the kitchen door can be repaired even at home. Here you can order the replacement of old kitchen facades with modern plastic Fenix, or order a kitchen unit in size with facades and countertops from any existing color and coating options.
We install all kitchen worktops only from moisture resistant materials that have a longer service life. Also, along with the countertop, our masters can order the replacement of an apron (wall panel) in the kitchen. Was the glass apron broken or burned in the area of ​​the stove? No problem. Replace the apron with a similar one, either with marble or ceramic tiles.


Why does kitchen furniture fail? And is the proper installation of the kitchen so important?

Like any other cabinet or upholstered furniture, a kitchen set requires careful handling, excluding mechanical damage. A glass pan or dishes with a thick bottom like Zepter, sharply rearranged from the stove, left on the plastic countertop will burn the coating or leave a dark stain. And sooner or later water will fall on the chips and deep cuts of the countertop, which will cause the fabric to swell and dry out, unless the countertop is made of natural marble or granite, which almost no one changes.
But based on the personal experience of our masters, the replacement of kitchen worktops most often occurs when the installer made mistakes during its installation. After an illiterate installation of the kitchen, the manufacturer of the kitchen is no longer important, whether it is a kitchen from Italy or Russia, the cost of the product, the accuracy of handling furniture or the service life - failure to follow all the technological rules for installing furniture and kitchen countertops will necessarily lead to the rapid failure of the new kitchen set.
That is why we always recommend that customers learn about the competence of installers and the technology of installing a kitchen, in particular a kitchen worktop, before ordering a kitchen set or simply replacing a worktop. Since now there are a lot of repair companies, in which universal specialists are in one person, both in the installation of the toilet and in the assembly and installation of kitchen furniture, which do not even know how the kitchen is made and even more so it is mounted. This is a very important point, especially when the kitchen is not worth 50 thousand, but 500 or more, which means that it needs special attention.
Key features and advantages of the professional installation of kitchen furniture and separately countertops:
• kitchen furniture will last much longer;
• perfectly even arrangement of kitchen modules, both vertically and horizontally, and if the kitchen is angular or U-shaped, the corner joints should be ideally 90 degrees, for this, a competent measurement of the room is done when ordering furniture;
• impregnation with mastic or silicone sealant of all open cutouts (under the stove, connecting strips, sink, pipes) and saw cuts both on the countertop and on the kitchen cabinet;
• in the area of ​​the stove and sink, and preferably along the entire length, it is necessary to make a seal under the wall baseboard;
• easy access to pipes, taps and other utilities, so that you do not have to disassemble the kitchen, when connecting equipment, replacing water meters and pipes.
Cons of competent installation of the kitchen:
• only a specialist can disassemble or dismantle the kitchen, you will have to spend money on this;
• with a mortise sink installed in the tabletop made of chipboard with a plastic coating, you can say goodbye when replacing the tabletop, since with a quality installation, it is practically glued to the tabletop with sealant (put on the pillow from the sealant and smeared from the back, it can not be dismantled in 90% )

Replacing countertops in your kitchen, home or office, depending on the selected material for production, has the following features:
• Particleboard in plastic. In the installation of such a countertop, it is important to treat the joints and cuts with sealant or mastic, especially when the joint of the two countertops is euro-sawed according to the technology, rather than metal docking strips.
• Granite or natural marble. The insertion of the sink and hob in most cases is done at the factory. For transportation and installation of countertops on the right or left side of the cutout, two parts are connected, since having a large weight, a single piece of stone can break in thin places of the cutout, even additional reinforcement does not save from breakage. During installation, the connection of parts is carried out with the application of sealant and a special solution to fill the seam of the stone. Such a countertop will last forever, and the kitchen set itself is usually updated.
•    Fake diamond. The main difficulty of installation is to connect the parts if the kitchen surface is in several levels, or the kitchen is angled or U shaped. Distortions of the case are unacceptable, and the final appearance entirely depends on the polishing of the surface joints.
• Plastic lightweight countertop. Ideal for direct kitchens, no connections. Easy to install and maintain. Even in comparison with a chipboard countertop, it is ten times lighter and with the same plastic lining. It consists of five layers, the top and bottom plastic glued to a thin MDF sheet, the main layer of solid foam. Cons: end cuts are poorly processed, only the sticker of the metal strip.
As you already understood, replacing the countertops, aprons or facades in the kitchen will depend on the materials used for this.
To avoid regular repairs of kitchen furniture and replacing countertops, we recommend using the services of trusted organizations whose reliability is confirmed not only by reviews of satisfied customers as is done on the PROFI.RU portal, or on the repair site for LENREMONT.RU, etc., namely, companies who are directly involved in the production and repair of furniture. And in case you want to replace the countertop in the kitchen yourself, follow the instructions of furniture experts who know all the details of the process of installing kitchen furniture.
Entrusting the manufacture of the kitchen or simply replacing the countertops in the kitchen to our craftsmen, you get rid of the hassle and problems that arise when operating kitchen furniture and get a long warranty on the product and repair services.

Furniture Production Opportunities

The term for the execution of the order of kitchen furniture for an individual project: from 20-30 working days, depending on the availability of facades, countertops, accessories and other materials in stock. Replacing the countertop, if there is a selected option in the production, takes one to two days, with the ordered position of plastic or artificial stone, the term for replacing the countertop and apron can take one to two weeks.
The possible length of a solid countertop canvas without joints, depending on the manufacturer: either up to 3000mm., Or up to 4200mm.
Standard worktop width: 600mm.
When ordering, the width is possible: from 650 to 1200 mm.
Tabletop replacement is ordered on a turn-key basis: Dismantling the old, manufacturing, delivering the canvas and installing a new one, with all cutouts, connections, etc. If the order was only a replacement of the blade, all the inserts and connections of equipment, sinks, faucets, etc. - paid extra. The same applies to the manual lifting of countertops to the floor - it is paid separately for delivery.

Do you need to order a tabletop replacement?

When ordering furniture and replacing countertops, we offer our customers free measurement, if a specialist comes just to measure, then it is paid. Therefore, just invite a designer, measurer or master on the countertops at any time convenient for you, he will come and help determine the option of materials and color scheme. In a day - two countertops will be delivered and installed in your kitchen.
To correctly replace the countertops in the kitchen set you need:
- make measurements of parts of the old countertop or openings of the walls of the kitchen, since in most cases the countertop is changed in inexpensive standard kitchens, where installation was made not by professional installers, but by loaders-collectors from the store, and many customers ask to increase the length of the countertop;
- check the level of kitchen modules;
- see the attachment of the sink and stove, as we described earlier in 80% of cases when installing quality, when changing the countertops, you will have to change the sink.
 Remember! Made professional metering of the room is the main guarantee of furniture manufacturing, as well as installation and its installation.

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