Replacing the lock or lock cylinder

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Replacement of larvae of locks and locks in entrance and interior doors

  •      Urgent departure of the master to the house, apartment or office to replace the lock
  •      Guarantee for the replacement service of the castle 12 months
  •      The minimum amount of the order of departure of the master from 2000 rubles.
  •      Calling a wizard to perform work for free
  •      The call of the master for advice on the replacement of the castle 500 rubles.

+7 (812) 987-36-42

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Replacement of locks in the door - security of the premises is guaranteed

Cost of work without accessories for the lock price, rub.


Replacement of the lock (dismantling of the old one and installation of the new one in the same hole)


Replacement of the lock with the dismantling of the door


Replacement of the lock with completion of the seat

from 2000

Replacement of the larva


Installation of customer mechanisms

from 2000


Locking the lock in the metal door


Cutting of the metal gate valve


Installation of accessories for the lock

from 1500

Installing the armor pad


Installing the lock-invisible

from 8000

Mounting door closer

from 2000


Repair of door locks - boring back plate

from 1500 -3000

Repair of metal doors

from 2000

Elimination of skewing of interior doors

from 2000

Completion and adjustment of the lock

from 1500

Repair of door hinges

from 2000

from 1500 to 3000









Departure outside the ring road - 50 rubles. per 1 km
The minimum order value is 2000 rubles.
The cost of mechanisms is from 800 rubles.
More accurate prices for services you can learn from a master consultant.

Entrance doors of apartments, office offices, office buildings, homes SPbobespechpeyvayut security of the premises due to quality locking devices - locks. Users do not save on the cost of these devices. The cost of a larva of a good Finnish castle can vary from 3000-15000 r.

However, there are force majeure situations: loss of the key, conflicts with relatives, blocking of the mechanism due to production defects or errors during operation. Urgent replacement of locks at home in St. Petersburg is required. The service is also relevant during the repair, when moving the office.

Forget about asking for help from neighbors or acquaintances - the master will quickly arrive at your call, accurately and qualitatively perform the jewelry work at the best price. We replace the door locks in St. Petersburg under the contract, the act becomes our guarantee. We also restore the functionality of interior doors. We mount new locking devices on the entrance doors to St. Petersburg. Prices for specialist services are reflected in the price list.

Urgent replacement of locks in a metal door in St. Petersburg

The work seems simple: dismantling the old lock and installing a new locking device. However, the master arriving on an urgent call to the house, office, apartment of St. Petersburg also performs a number of operations.

The cost of work with an urgent call of the master is increasing, but our clients are confident in the prompt, high-quality performance of works and consider the company's rates attractive.

To trust the replacement of door locks with friends, neighbors is dangerous because of access of unauthorized persons to the device of the mechanism, the purpose of which is to ensure the safety of the premises. Neighbors will not give you an act - confirmation of their responsibility for the work and guaranteeing confidentiality. Friends will not sign the contract.

The main thing - at the cost of the desire to save on the specialist's service becomes a violation of the functionality of the locking device. For example, when dismounting a lock, a mortise or an invoice, it is possible to install a new device on the old fixing part - it is necessary to change or save this part only a professional can solve. Removal, installation of a new fixing part sometimes lead to a weakening of the entire structure of the lock.

If you need to replace the lock of a metal door in St. Petersburg - contact the specialists "MAKE A REPAIR in St. Petersburg"

+7 (812) 987-36-42

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