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Professional plumber services in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod

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Plumbing services cheap

Masters of consumer service "Lenservice" perform plumbing work of any complexity. Let's make both small partial repair, and full replacement of systems of heating or the sewerage. Installation of plumbing in the apartment will be carried out taking into account the characteristics of the bathroom or toilet, the wishes of the customer.

To assess the scope of work, it is advisable to send us a photo with a description of the problem before filling out the application; otherwise, the plumbing wizard will assess the condition of the sanitary facilities at home. Plumbing installation services will be provided at a convenient time for you.

Our company is engaged in plumbing work in a country house. Nowadays, cottages are becoming more and more approximate in quality to the main housing, so we offer our help in arranging plumbing fixtures in the country, in a cottage, in a private house. Also, plumbers carry out plumbing work in new buildings.

The household service service "Lenservice" invites for cooperation both tenants, apartment owners and country houses, and managers of enterprises and institutions. You can familiarize yourself with the rates for plumbing work in St. Petersburg, Moscow by calling

8 (905) 259-29-08 from 10-21 hours St. Petersburg
8 (968) 522-30-30 from 10-21 hours Moscow.
8 (908) 726-06-64 from 10-21 hours Nizhny Novgorod
We provide plumbing services in St. Petersburg, Moscow and the surrounding suburbs of the Leningrad Region and the Moscow Region.

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