Assembly of cabinet furniture

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Repair of sliding wardrobes, furniture assembly

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Assembling furniture at home - Assemble furniture in St. Petersburg
Furniture assembly in St. Petersburg

It would seem that it is difficult to assemble the furniture according to the scheme in the box. At first glance, this assembly of furniture looks like a children's designer, only for adults. In fact, those who tried to assemble the furniture themselves already know that everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. In addition to the individual characteristics of screeds, grooves and sliding mechanisms, which strive to break in inexperienced hands, non-standard furniture screws, screws and confirmants are often found. Not everyone keeps at home a set of necessary tools for assembling furniture.
Our furniture assembly services

Our organization employs true specialists in their field who have rich experience in assembling and disassembling furniture. Responsible and professional craftsmen with all the necessary tools and accessories will come to your aid at a convenient time. Working with us, you doom yourself to a guaranteed resolution of problems with the assembly of furniture in the shortest possible time.
Often, after moving, you need to assemble the furniture back, but the assembly instructions were lost somewhere. This will not become an insurmountable obstacle for our masters. Without much work, an experienced craftsman will assemble the furniture, even without an assembly scheme.

The work that we carry out:

• Assembly of cabinets with swing doors;

• Assembly of standard sliding wardrobes;

• Assembly of built-in wardrobes;

• Build-in built-in coupe;

• Assembly of corner cabinets;

• Assembly of dressers;

• assembly of beds;

• Assembling a sofa bed with a folding mechanism;

• Assembly of computer desks;

• Assembly of modular furniture according to the type of wall or living room set;

• Assembling bedroom sets;

• Assembling furniture for a children's room;

• Assembly of hallways;

• Assembly of the kitchen;

• Assembly of any cabinet furniture

The difficulties in assembling cabinet furniture are that for a stronger connection, the manufacturer uses a method of fitting each part in accordance with a certain algorithm of actions. Often, so that amateurs are not involved in the assembly, non-standard joints, eccentric couplers and various sections of screws and bolts are used. With minor improper actions, a layman can damage the retractable or fixing mechanism, or the next time he was fastened, he didn’t have enough other sizes that he had used inexperienced in previous steps and, in addition to assembling, this furniture would also have to be repaired. By the way, furniture repair is another of the main services offered by our craftsmen.
Assembling Ikea furniture often gives craftsmen a lot of inconvenience due to non-standard fixtures and their fitting, as well as where metal eccentrics are needed in Ikea's furniture, plastic ones are used. The craftsmen assemblers from our company have extensive experience working with products that have unusual components, fixtures and sliding mechanisms, not only IKEA furniture but also other furniture manufacturers.

Kitchen assembly

When assembling a kitchen, it is often necessary to adjust the cut-outs for a sink and stove, install water supply and drainage, as well as perform other work on connecting built-in household appliances, electrical wiring, and other related furniture assembly.
All these works can also be performed by our craftsmen with vast experience in the assembly of kitchen furniture and the manufacture of custom-made kitchen furniture.
If you still have questions, or if you would like to order a master’s departure for your house in St. Petersburg, please contact us by phone 980-36-42!
Assembling furniture at home is inexpensive

Assembly of cabinets with swing doors:

2-door - 1500 rubles
3-door - 1800 rubles
4-door - from 2000 rubles
Assembly of standard wardrobes - compartments:

two doors simple - 1600 rubles
three doors simple - 2600 rubles
four doors - from 3000 rubles
Assembly of a sliding wardrobe with drawers on rails + 300 rub. per box
Corner cabinet assembly:

One - door simple - 1500 rubles
Two - door simple - 1900 rubles
Universal with drawers and shelves - 2600 rubles
Dresser assembly:

up to five boxes - 1000 rubles
from five boxes - from 1050 rubles

Assembling a computer desk:

Comp table without add-on - from 700 rubles
Comp table with customization - from 1000 rubles
Computer table with a stand and adjustment - 1800 rubles
Assembly of modular furniture (wall, living room set):

three modules - 1500 rubles
four modules - 2000 rubles
five modules - 2500 rubles, etc.
Assembling a bedroom type Set:

3-door wardrobe, chest of drawers, bed, 2 nightstands - from 3000 rubles
4-door wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing table, bed, 2 nightstands - from 4000 rubles
Assembling a bed - from 850 rubles
Assembly of children's furniture:

Bunk bed - 1200 - 1600 rubles
The assembly of a children's room from - from 2000 rubles
Complex - loft bed - 2200 rubles
Assembling a simple crib - 1100 rubles
Assembling a crib with a pendulum - 1400 rubles
Assembling a crib with drawers - 1300 rubles

Hallway assembly:

Cabinet, cabinet, mirror with a hanger - from 2000 rubles

Assembly kitchen spb:

Kitchen assembly - from 250 rubles per module (cabinet - cabinet)
Assembly of the cabinet module with drawers - 350 rubles
Assembly of the angular module - 300 rubles.
Kitchen installation - from 2500 rubles, depends on the configuration, electrical appliances, and the condition of your walls and floors. You can find out the approximate cost of assembling the kitchen by calling 980-36-42, and the furniture collector will tell you the final price on the spot, before starting work. The kitchen assembly cost may be affected - whether it is necessary to cut a countertop for household appliances, whether it is necessary to install and connect built-in household appliances, the condition of the walls, the tightness of the room and other factors.

Additional work on the assembly of kitchen furniture
Cutout for a sink - 500 rubles
Cutout under the hob - 500 rubles
Installation of the hood standard - from 1200 rubles
Installation of a sink with a mixer connection - 1200 rubles
Cutout for pipes - 100 rubles
Installation of drain and water supply - 350 rubles meter
Integrated equipment connection - from 1200 rubles
Installation and connection of the hob - 1000 rubles
Installation with an air purifier connected without a corrugated pipe - 500 rubles
Change of buildings - 500 rubles (per item)
Drilling holes for the handle - 25 rubles (optional)
Dismantling of furniture - from 200 rubles - module.

For additional furniture work, namely:
Couplers of modules, wall mount, installation of lighting, sawed under the skirting board, saw cuts for sockets, cut cornices, reinstall shelves, alteration, hauling, furniture repair - price is negotiable.

Dear customers, there is an OT amendment at some prices - that is, the price depends on the complexity of the work, equipment, and components (their quality)

Specify all assembly prices by phone, directly from the master, as this page provides information of 2010

To call a specialist, just read the catalog of services and call 980-36-42 from 10.00-22.00

You can familiarize yourself with the cost and description of the services offered directly in the services section or through the site menu. Pay attention to the fact that you can call a specialist both through the phones on our website and through the WhatsApp mobile application


Furniture assemblyIf custom-made furniture, and in particular kitchen furniture, is delivered to the address in assembled form, then factory cabinet furniture is produced in the form of a designer, which you can assemble yourself by sticking to the assembly diagram of the purchased furniture. But…

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