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Economy class sliding wardrobes to buy in St. Petersburg. At the production of the furniture company "Art-Design Furniture" you can buy an excellent wardrobe to order an economy class at a low price at manufacturer's prices. Sale of ready-made wardrobes. Delivery across St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Payment for the product upon receipt.

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Do you want to buy a new wardrobe, but among so many manufacturers, it is difficult to choose? With the furniture company Art-Design Furniture, you can stop going shopping and order high-quality manufacturing of a sliding wardrobe at the lowest price!

It's fast - We make sliding wardrobes of any complexity as soon as possible.

It is not expensive - Sliding wardrobes under the order have long ceased to be an expensive product, due to the emergence of new technologies of compartment systems, production and equipment.

It is reliable - Our wardrobes have a warranty of 3 years or more.

This is unique - custom-made wardrobes will be made taking into account all your wishes, so no one else will have such products!

It's safe - In the production of furniture we use only certified materials from trusted manufacturers in Austria and Russia, which are completely safe for the health of your family.

This is beautiful - your new wardrobe, even built-in, will fit perfectly into the interior, because before production we make accurate measurements and, if desired, design it in 3D.

What products we manufacture:

Built-in roof wardrobes
Built-in wardrobes in the living room
Built-in wardrobes in the bedroom
Built-in corner wardrobes
Sliding wardrobe corner
Diagonal built-in wardrobes
Built-in wardrobes in the corridor
Built-in wardrobes in the hallway
Built-in sliding wardrobes and beveled hinged wardrobes
Sliding wardrobes with mirror, glass
Sliding wardrobes with any content

20 years - we have been restoring and manufacturing high-quality furniture

70 specialists - with a minimum of 7 years of work experience in our staff

Thousands of clients - were satisfied with our work

One year is the minimum guarantee for all types of our services, and 3-5 years for furniture

More than a thousand options for fittings and components required for furniture repair

Why do customers and clients turn to Art-Design Furniture?

Convenient - We carry out quality work, both at your home and in our production or workshop.

Profitable - Thanks to the accumulated experience, we were able to build an optimal work process and achieve a reduction in the price of sliding wardrobes and our services, without losing the quality of the work performed.

Fast - We guarantee the repair and manufacture of sliding wardrobes with high quality and on time specified in the contract. If the delay is due to our fault, we will pay you a default interest.

Reliable - We draw up an official contract for the manufacture of furniture and major repair work.

Transparent - The cost is negotiated in advance before the conclusion of the contract and cannot be changed during the work.

High-quality - We guarantee high-quality performance of services, therefore, we prescribe a guarantee for all clients in the contract from 1 to 5 years (depending on the type of work or furniture).

Professionally - Our workshop is equipped with modern equipment from manufacturers in Austria, Germany and Italy, and the materials used in the work are hypoallergenic and safe for health .

Scheme of work with "Art-Design Furniture".

  • You leave a request by phone or on the website
  • Our specialist advises you in detail
  • A measurer and a designer come to you, take measurements and calculate the cost of work
  • Signing a contract, making an advance payment (cost of materials)
  • We carry out the services stipulated in the contract, we bring and carry out the installation of a sliding wardrobe in your home.

Why is buying sliding-door wardrobes in St. Petersburg an effective way to make the interior cluttered and cozy? Conventional wardrobes are no longer popular, only if they are old antiques. Such an object eats up valuable room space with its opening doors. It is inconvenient to move, it does not fit into the interior and creates new corners in the room.

The company "Art-Design Furniture" offers to buy an inexpensive wardrobe with production to order. Such furniture surpasses an ordinary wardrobe in 3 points: it does not burden the room visually, it allows you to store more things and looks stylish.

What is the difference between custom-made wardrobes from the manufacturer

Sliding wardrobes to order are inexpensively different from ordinary furniture in their uniqueness. No, these are not just words, they really are. A unique product is one of a kind, which means that such a sliding wardrobe will only be in your home. Our craftsmen create projects in which you are a designer. You dictate to us the rules and desires - how many drawers should be, how many shelves, what size the cells should be, or maybe you want a pull-out cabinet? You create a wardrobe for yourself and for the style of your room.

Buying sliding wardrobes in St. Petersburg is also economical. Think online stores offer factory cabinets whose quality you can't check - you buy almost a pig in a poke. Salons in St. Petersburg make a mark-up several times over, because the rent in the northern capital is not small. We work on order - you make an application, we purchase materials and get to work. You get a wardrobe according to your own design, the quality of which can be checked in the showrooms, plus a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Tempting? We know.

Standard sliding wardrobes at an economical price from Art-Design Furniture.

You can buy a wardrobe in St. Petersburg inexpensively today to order. To do this, it is enough to leave a request and describe your desire, or go through a questionnaire on sliding wardrobes or calculate the cost of a sliding wardrobe on a calculator. We produce wardrobes in the following categories:

Attic. Straight. Corner. Diagonal.

Models can be built into a niche or an opening and in the form of ordinary cabinets. You can place them in the bedroom, nursery, living room, hallway, hallway, office and even in a store. By the type of door filling, you can choose:

Monolithic. Sandblasting. Acrylic. Mirrored. And other inserts.

You can choose any decorative fillings, inserts to improve the design, give individuality. Our designer will be able to make a wardrobe project based on the general furnishings of the apartment interior, so as not to violate the concept.

Advantages of the built-in type of sliding wardrobes:

Dust will not accumulate in hard-to-reach places. You will add zest to the interior. There will immediately be more space in the room. You will find a place for all the things that used to get in the way and caught your eye.

It is convenient to buy an inexpensive wardrobe from the manufacturer, because you create a product for yourself. You only wait 7-10 working days, then we deliver and install furniture in the apartment. We clean up the trash after ourselves and hand over the finished project.

Why is it worth ordering sliding wardrobes from the Art-Design Furniture manufacturer.

We produce furniture according to European production technology. We install a reinforced roller system on bearings that works for a long time and silently. The doors are framed by a durable aluminum profile that does not deform. The material is environmentally friendly. Mirrors and glasses have a protective film, which, when the glass is broken, does not allow the fragments to crumble.

Where to buy ready-made wardrobes inexpensively in St. Petersburg

You can order an inexpensive wardrobe in St. Petersburg on our website - leave a request or fill out the callback form if there is no time. We will call you back, advise and draw up a service agreement. We draw up personal estimates for our clients, where we include additional discounts. If you make a repeat order - expect a nice bonus. 


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