Repair of plastic windows

Repairer of metal-plastic windows

PVC windows repair from the company "Art Design repair windows"

Repair services for windows

  • Elimination of freezing and zapotevaniyaokna
  • Removing scratches on the profile
  • Replacement of broken hardware
  • Cleaning and lubrication fittings
  • Replacing cracked glazing
  • Installation of mikroprovetrivaniya, child locks, latches balcony
  • Replacing the seal
  • Installing mosquito nets
  • Installation of window thermometers
  • Installation of vertical and horizontal blinds (white, colored, wood, perforated) and roller blinds   
  • Replacing the valves to open the Deaf and vice versa

Repair and maintenance of plastic windows

Skilled craftsmen LLC "Art Design repair windows" will perform servicing and emergency repair of plastic windows and doors of any complexity in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. We guarantee high quality and keep in repair technology of PVC windows. Promptly correct faults and defects of windows caused by poor installation, marriage in the production or misuse.

When PVC windows repair is required

Let's look at the main causes of faults of PVC windows:

  1. sagging shutters (shutter or door closes bad);
  2. poor performance of mechanisms (gnashing, clicks, etc..);
  3. blowing, freezing, icing;
  4. breakage and wear of the window (frame, fittings, soffits, window sill);
  5. condensation forms on the glass (window crying);
  6. suddenly burst or break Glazing.

We have listed not all causes, when in need of repair plastic windows.

To call a repairman windows call +7 (812) 980-36-42

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