Repair sliding door wardrobes - repair of furniture - repair and adjustment of PVC windows

Repair of furniture and PVC windows

Furniture repair in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

Comprehensive professional repair sliding door wardrobes and other furniture.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to make self-assemble furniture, or make repairs cabinet compartment or other furniture. Help you deal with these problems will help our team of highly skilled masters of all trades, professionals of universal fabrication, assembly and repair of furniture. Now you do not need to endlessly to persuade her husband to fix the closet or change hinges on the kitchen cupboard - just make a phone call, and you will come to the aid of our masters at any time convenient for you.
I should add that you only pay for the broken components and our services, all necessary power tools and supplies always have our masters in stock. And most importantly, it is a long guarantee on all our work.

Our services:

             repair of furniture
             repair sliding door wardrobes
             replacement mirrors at the door coupe
             replacement rollers sliding doors
             repair of double-glazed windows
             replacement of PVC windows
             adjustable metal-plastic windows
ремонт окон регулировка - Ремонт пластиковых окон в СПб. Оконная компания ООО «Арт Дизайн Ремонт окон» осуществляет ремонт свето-прозрачных конструкций -  пластиковых окон и дверей как металлопластиковых, так и деревянных и алюминиевых. Производим ремонт окон ПВХ любой сложности от простой регулировки фурнитуры до полной ее переборки.  Отремонтируем окна из любого профиля и любой фурнитурой, приведем в порядок окна даже, те которые были установлены очень давно. Обращайтесь в Оконную компанию ООО «Арт Дизайн Ремонт окон», если Вам установила окна другая компания, но Вас не устраивает их качество, из окон дует или на них образовался лед, если водоотлив стучит от ветра, на откосах появилась плесень, не закрываются створки окна или вдруг разбился стеклопакет и наши опытные специалисты  решат Вашу проблему в кратчайшие сроки и с небольшими вложениями в СПб. ООО «Арт Дизайн Ремонт окон» для Вас мы: 1.	Отрегулируем, отремонтируем, смажем или заменим фурнитуру окна; 2.	Заменим разбитые стеклопакеты или поменяем однокамерный на двухкамерный; 3.	Произведем герметизацию монтажных швов окна; 4.	Почистим, смажем или заменим уплотнители окна; 5.	Установим поворотно-откидной механизм на створки окон, которые просто открываются; 6.	Заменим подоконники и водоотливы у пластикого окна; 7.	Установим и по необходимости произведем замену москитных сеток. На свои ремонтные работы Оконная компания ООО «Арт Дизайн Ремонт окон» дает гарантию полтора года.ОLLC "Art Design Window repair" was established in 2000 in St. Petersburg. However, as part of the company consists of specialists with many years of experience in installation, removal, repair, adjustment and service of plastic products - windows, doors, roll shutters, aluminum window and door structures.
Our company provides a full range of services for repair and maintenance of plastic windows, doors, entrances, aluminum window and door systems. Thermal insulation and sound insulation of plastic windows, replacement and reinstallation of PVC products, aluminum loggias, replacement and upgrading of hardware, adjustable shutters windows, double-glazed windows with energy-efficient replacement of two and three chamber, fabrication and installation of PVC slopes, manufacture and installation of mosquito nets and much more. As well as the production of plastic windows.

Organization LLC "Art Design Repair of windows" in the execution of works using high-quality materials, the latest technology and modern equipment.

We carry out repair of plastic windows PVC profiles and different systems: REHAU, KBE, VEKA, GEOLAN, ALUPLAST, PLAFEN, MONTBLANC, etc. (Full list of manufacturers of PVC windows and aluminum window systems)

Particular attention company "Art Design Repair windows" on the operational soon masters the quality of work and terms of manufacturing products.


Custom-made furniture in St. Petersburg


Furniture workshop on furniture factory "Art Design"

МFurniture workshop "Art Design" produces professional repair and manufacture of furniture of any complexity in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. We carry many years of work to repair and restore furniture in different areas of St. Petersburg and the region. During this time, our company has accumulated serious experience and has gained a reputation for professional repair sliding door wardrobes. Professionals working in our company, are taken for repair of furniture of any complexity. We only work with reliable suppliers of components for the furniture. This allows us to offer inexpensive original video door coupe and accessories for the repair of furniture.
Among our clients - private individuals, organizations, owners of beauty salons, bars, restaurants and even the Pulkovo airport.
We also offer production of new furniture for your size. Prices for furniture of our production is much lower stores Petersburg.
Turning to our furniture shop, you can be sure that the repairs of furniture will be conducted quickly and efficiently.

What is the process of our work:

1. You call us and talk about their problem.

2. Master goes to the object, view your furniture, identifies defects and shortcomings, listens to your wishes.

3. The wizard offers you the solutions to the problem and called the approximate cost and timing of repairs cabinet compartment or other furniture.
In many cases, furniture repair and renovation of cabinets coupe produced locally. This shortens the time of repair and significantly reduces its cost. All repair sliding door wardrobes are held at a convenient time for you and the day.
High quality furniture repair and additional work, short lead times for new furniture, reasonable prices for the repair of the cabinet compartment and flexibility in dealing with customers - all distinctive features of the furniture workshop "Art Design" Repair of furniture.